Valiance set needs lifesteal

I know you guys are reworking all the high level blue sets for the upcoming patch. If it’s not already finalized, I’d like to suggest that a set that takes up all 4 jewelry slots which is clearly intended for defensive melee needs to have some ADCTH somewhere in the set. Jewelry slots are the easiest place to add lifesteal to a melee build unless you’re using a lifesteal weapon; by filling all 4 slots without having any lifesteal in the set you’re pretty much locking out anyone who wants to use this set from using any weapons which don’t have ADCTH already.

There is plenty of %Lifesteal in the Devotion window.

As a new player, that window is kind of intimidating. It seems hard to keep track of what’s where and early choices limit your access to what’s available in the future.