Van Aldritch not so chanllengable Grim Dawn 1007 Port Valbury

i found it extremely challenging lol; definitely harder than BoC. and with the OA change it’s not doable by my caster/ranged characters period

melee 2H warden did great on both her runs but got stuck in a pipe both times lol. fix inc

All I’m seeing in that video is reasons why Mirror should have 70-80% damage absorb at most.

“Van Aldritch not so challengeable”

Then he proceeds to show a totally optimized/perfect geared character fighting him…

It’s like the other dude from yesterday skipping about 80% of the mobs and saying it was too easy…

I am not a huge Arcanist fan, myself.

But… just no. :rolleyes:

Arcs are Paper Tigers.

Full stop.

Just because some Asian Truxton player decided to take Grim Dawn for a whirl, does not an indictment against Mirror make.

Yeah, with BiS gear and optimized build you can defeat him, no surprise there… Maybe try a self-found char that is slightly sub-optimal in skills and try again

I assume the other bosses also are no challenge for your char, so this is in line. Your char is OP, not the content UP :wink:

standing ovation


If you ignore that his health barely moves when mirror is not active then sure. Looked more like a combination of things to me.

Fight takes over a minute which is more than legit for an end game build.

@ nine: Yep: mirror, Damage absorb from legendary pants Fateweaver i think, blast shield, Maiven’s, iskandra absorb…quite a few layers

And so they deserve damage immunity 20% of the time? heh.

Arc is way too tanky between Mirror and Maiven’s. Maiven’s is sufficient in almost all cases, effectively being another source of +% health (except this source is doubly efficient against environmental damage…). They are not nearly the ‘paper tigers’ you’re making them out to be.

You know it was easy so it’s skippable right ?

If it wasn’t, it wouldnt be skippable.

That’s inherent to the game’s design, though.

Unless Crate decides to start gating access to more areas via key mob/boss kills, it is kind of an intrinsic aspect of the genre.


Why not?

When a single, survivable by any other class, hit can insta-gib them?


They are still basically Super Mario hoping for a well-timed Star.

^Exactly what i’m saying…

I do wonder did any AAR builds have managed to finish this rouge-like dungeon.

I have tried to beat it for 7 consecutive tries and whenever I see constant spawn of 4+ husks its GG for me. Instant mini stunts, prevents AAR channeling, coupled with pathetic “real” AAR damage (and that is from someone who plays Crit AAR build - 3600 OA to maximize the damage output) and high husk HP pool and small corridors.

Not fun… at all …

It is a pitty though because the map design and dynamic (hard to find exits/entrances, monster ambushes, environmental damage) sure kept me on my toes, and that was awesome.

Mirror is just a little assist to my BD. it doesn’t produce damage a lot or provide survivability too much since this BD doesn’t come with high cooldown reduction

Part of the fun involves killing these monsters… they’re there for a reason, and that is not just skipping them, even if you can.

You can play however you want, but if you’re skipping part of the challenge and then procceding to call it “boring” or “easy”, then that’s not a problem with the game.

You know only Soldier with shield and Arcanist Maiven can tank this much, try add more stun resistant, change your devotion setup, kiting more, use items tanking skill etc… I did complete 8 times without a single death.

conflict concept. why shouldn’t I if I can build my character to this level?

How strong is this after the several nerfs to this build in the hotfix update?

Looks like you got some special attention from the devs :slight_smile:

Edit - Now that I’m looking, you actually aren’t using devastation? Perhaps this build wasn’t really nerfed then.

truly indeed . that’s part of truth of my BD.
but funny though, nobody actually figured out or is interested to ask what is this build …