Very Detailed Custom Filters

This game “just color filtering” feature started to feel not enough. We need slot filtering, MI filtering(It must be multi choice from options menu), certain stat filtering ( i know it is almost impossible for every variant stat option be implemented… maybe for starters, +%x to x damage type or +1 to all skills maybe).

slot filtering is bit much. but would like to filter out double rare greens/MI’s from the regular greens and such

Something like this* would be very cool, but it´s probably too much effort. It would help very much though, if double rare greens/MIs and jewelry would get their own color. Maybe pink with green stars or whatever. :cool:

*) This is from Torchlight 2.

I would also be very happy if a search function was added to the (shared) stash, especially useful for looking up components
my suggestion would be then, to be able to search for any word used

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Agreed with both the unique coloring of double rares and a search function in stash. Funnily enough almost made a post about this myself yesterday.