Very long load times despite SSD, likely memory leak

Maps take very long to load (6 Minutes for a blank large map) and generate (4 Minutes large map) despite being on a SATA SSD with plenty of RAM and Disk Space available, CPU (i7 860 4 core, Windows 7) gets maxed at certain points during the load time but those are expected and short compared to the much longer load times without real CPU usage.

It also takes very long to get back to the main menu (3,5 Minutes), when it should be just deleting the map in memory?
Also the game never really seems to unload its game assets as it doesn’t reduce its memory size at all when going back to the main menu or loading another save, causing memory usage to just increase with every save game load.

Map generating and rerolling speed (large maps) got improved with the 0.7.4 update but is still quite long.

My saved game won’t load at all :confused: and I have an M.2 SSD drive.

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