Viability of leveling with ABB

I want to try leveling with something different, and I am going to give ABB a shot.

Does anyone have recommendations regarding ABB? Specifically, I’m not too familiar with cold damage, so I was wondering about forms of resist reduction, as well as what devotions to look out for.

I’m looking at Murmur, but would Rhowan’s Crown be a viable option as well?

Finally, is Tsunami a good early devotion to take, or would I be better off with something else?

Abb+ lethal assault is viable to lvl up (and endgame too). For cold RR devotions you got : Viper (since you using a weapon skill it is a nice -20% elemental on everything you hit). Murmur and Crown (as you already found out). It’s not that you have to take em all of those three - i usually have murmur + viper as must have-. I wouldn’t go for tsunami but for amathok, it’s a very good one for someone even better than leviathan.

Edit: I forgot to mention had of ultos (flat ele rr) but it’s more a caster thing. It has no place to be in a abb+ la build (imo).

Since viper is type 3 RR it doesn’t do much early on. Crown murmur Amatok (depending on OA) are higher priority.

Yeah well it depends on what devotion points you need if you take early or not. I usually go for it as the very first constellation.

Especially for leveling cold I’d advise eel or sailors guide early on as they have movement speed which is godlike at low levels when you’re one hitting regardless. Of course it’s all flexible depending on your long term plans

Leveling with ABB in the very early game can be a royal PITA when it comes to killing Cold Ones.

I’m currently leveling an infiltrator and it works very well. Get one point in ABB and Veil of Shadow. Max Lethal Assault and Night’s Chill. Get SS for mobility. It’s pretty flexible after that. My current setup (lvl 40) looks roughly like this (it’s from memory): Grim Tools

I headed for execution and got it up to 20% and also invested a couple of points into SS for more damage. Once you get Nightfall and look for oa on gear it procs Blizzard pretty consistently. ABB procs Rumour nicely.

For weapons look for spectral longswords, they drop from ghosts and are also sold by the secret vendor.