Video stuttering/lag at 1440hz

I upgraded to a new video card, a 5700xt. I do not recall having issues with my other card at 1080p. Now, at 1440Hz, even though my framerates are averaging 150fps, the gameplay is not as smooth as it was at 1080p. I guess that it could be my card, but I hope not. I have not noticed the issue on other games. The only other change I can see is that I am running the game at higher settings, but I have tried lowering the settings to no avail. The graphics are fabulous at 1440Hz, and I hate to go back to get smother gameplay. Thoughts, anyone?

I was experiencing some pretty bad stuttering recently. I also have an AMD card (R9 390) and play at 1440p. Turning off shadows and setting the nocommit command line flag greatly improved my experience. You could try either or both of those.