View and edit mesh files?

Is there any way to view and edit mesh files?

I want to edit the colors of a certain skeleton armor. I found the appropriate .dbr, that refers to a certain mesh file. I would love to be able to open it up in something, change it to greyscale, and then build my mod with this new mesh.

Is this possible?

Any help would be appreciated.

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then you need edit textures, not mesh. Convert apropriate .tex via texviewer and edit it with your graphical editor.

Thank you for the reply. Can you help clarify something?

For example, in the base game, skeleton_26d.dbr is the 26th level of the skeleton summon skill for necromancer. its under skills/okayerckass08/pets.

the mesh it references is creatures/enemies/skeleton/skeletonsummon_heavy01a.msh

the armor this summon wears is a texture file called skeletonsummon_heavy01a_dif

so if i convert this texture file to say paint, recolor it, conver it back to a texture file, under what part of the .dbr do i make it reference my next texture file?

I’m assuming its under actor variables, but theres base texture, base textures, bump texture bump textures glow texture and glow textures spec texture spec textures.

Any help would be appreciated?

I was able to find the correct texture file, saved it as a .jpg, edited it in paint. How do i revert it back to a .tex file? any help would be appreciated

AssetManager, might have to be a tga or other file format it understands however

thanks mamba for the reply.

so i found my .tex file, converted it to bmp, made my adjustments, converted it to a .tga file. I found it in assetmanager, and right click to autocreate asset. Despite trying every “format,” the file created is only 1kb and when i try to click on it it says its not a valid .tex file.

Any help would be appreciated

You created an asset for it, that is just a file that tells asset manager what file format to create from it during the build process, not the result itself.

Choose some texture format, not bitmap, and then select ‘Build’

thanks! will try it out