Viewing devotion in grim calc

Hi I have tried to look at the choices in builds including devotions for some builds here, but when I go to the grim calc link and to the devotion choices within that link I cannot make my screen small enough to view all of the constellations and see what that builder chose as their constellations. So I only see the ones towards the middle and I can see how many of the order, chaos, etc unlocked as numbers. Thanks!

Use mouse wheel to zoom in and out. and then click and drag to see the parts you still cant see.

Thanks. I will give that a try. I was trying to use my laptop track pad (don’t use a mouse on my laptop). I would think that using fingers to zoom in and out and drag would work on the trackpad but I was having trouble with that. But I also have a desktop computer and I use a mouse with that one. So I can give your suggestions a try.

Oh ok it works with the trackpad too holding one finger down and scrolling around with other fingers. I just hadn’t hadn’t encountered something such as that with my track pad thus far.

Another interesting thing I notice is that some of the constellations are different nodes from what I am seeing in my game right now. Presumably the link to grim calc shows whatever the devotions were at the time it was made/linked.

Some of the node bonuses are not displayed properly, for example pet bonuses are not shown.