Vighorus has arrived!!

Hello fellow GD fans! I am from Quebec, Canada. I speak English and French. Alors si vous parler francais et cherche du monde pour jouer et tester le jeux des qu’on peux, contact moi!

I just found this game today on a TQ forum. Lets say I was so impressed I bought the epic fan cd key right away. Lets hope :)!!

I’m looking forward to testing the game and contributing to the success of it.

I play TQ, Torchlight and other games. I got my GF into TQ, she loves it and will be coming over to Grim Dawn once it is released.

I like to mod games and make maps in my spare time. some titles i’ve mapped are L4d2, CSS, CoD: WaW.

I had mods for HL2’s Counter-Strike but never completed it. Nothing major, personal projects that i would play with friends.

Not sure what else to say but I am here to test the game as best as I can without breaking it ;).

If anyone wants to get together once we can download it and test in groups etc…let me know!

See you all around the forums!

Glad to have you here! Thanks for taking the time to say hello. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in the world of Cairn. :wink:

Greetings; pleasure to meet you :smiley:

Hi, welcome to the forum and thank you for contributing!

Man, I need to get the wife to play ARPGs with me… so far she is addicted to geometry wars but little else. I think she actually would be most inclined to play shooters but the camera motion makes her dizzy. :confused:

Haha. I think we’ve ALL tried at some point. Everything would be so much easier if they were as addicted to these games as we are. I’ve made some small amount of progress over many years. We’ve progressed from solitaire to games like Virtual Villagers, Totem Tribe, and Westward. From Ultra casual to casual I suppose. Maybe in twenty years or so I’ll have her playing Grim Dawn part 10, “Grimmest Dawn” with me. Yeah… I’d say it’s unlikely.