Villager don't stock up basic need for their house

I’ve searched the forum and haven’t found anything.

Right now, I have four houses which aren’t stocked up by their residents.
These houses have direct acces to a market, well, and the entrances aren’t blocked.

The only solution is to relocate those buildings. Building a new house on the same spot won’t change the existing outcome.

Many villagers also choose to travel a long journey rather than work somewhere outside their houses, causing low efficiency.

That’s kind of a different problem.

Try building temporary shelters (available at T2) near their working place.

This may be a rare case of…a healer a hunter and a forager walk into a bar…

Seems like all 3 of those residents are living in secondary homes (hunter cabin, healer’s house, forager’s shack) and so their needs are covered there.


I’d meet similar behaviour. 3 soldiers and 1 guard doesn’t want stock up needs.

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