Villagers abandon dropped field produce if interrupted during travel v0.8.0

Essentially goes how its described in the title. After harvesting a field, villagers will take the produce to the fields storage, and then to the actual proper storage (storehouse/root cellar). If they decide to do something else during the time of transit, the villager will drop the produce where it is and will never pick it back up. Typically this happens when the next field is ready to be harvested and the farmer will prioritize harvesting that field over bringing that item to storage.

In the below picture, this is a bundle of flax that was harvested from the field above, then was beginning to be taken to storage. While the farmer was traveling, the bottom field was ready for harvesting, so the farmer dropped the flax on the spot and began harvesting the field. Unfortunately I didn’t have a save for right before this happened, but I have had this issue occur many times. Since I can only put one picture on a post I don’t have a picture of it, but the produce remained in the field six months later and eventually would disappear.

Example picture of abandoned item:

They also seem to prioritize preparing a new field over harvesting and transporting from an existing field, so I’ve had a trail of harvested food left behind as they dropped it and turned to the new field area. In that case, however, they or other villagers seem to have come back and picked up most of the crops later, but I didn’t think to keep track of how much I might have lost from the total because of the delay.

I will note, this becomes less of a problem when a large amount of laborers are available (who generally would be the ones to pick this stuff up), but this has a greater impact early game when there are only a handful available. Perhaps a fix would be giving farmers the ability to harvest their produce if its just left on the ground as I’ve seen half a dozen farmers stand idly around a dropped stack when their fieldwork is done. Another fix could be the ability to prioritize which things to pick up by laborers.

yea I had a raid happen during harvest. farmer dropped everything and ran. it got picked up 6 months later after another harvest. :smiley:

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