Vindicator ultimate skill

aura of censure or stormcallers pact?

I’m using 2h savagery with the procs and storm box. Using aura of censure because I felt like resist reduction was more important than crit damage and lightning bonus. I don’t have a bunch of gear right now… ultos weapon and legendary medal but all green everywhere else other than aetherstorm jewelry set. So that is +6 to stormcallers pact, so I’m really comparing 18 stormcallers to 12 aura of censure. Which one is betteR?

aura of censure
RR give you a lot of damage
and other things in this aura made you more tanky

I’d say it depends.

Stormcaller’s pact (SCP) is definitely better if you have massive OA to take advantage of the crit damage on it, and if you lack stun resist.

Aura of Censure all the way. RR for offense and instant damage reduction for defense.

The crit damage from SCP is nice but if you want to use it then why Inquisitor?

Also Savagery and Box don’t benefit from Conversion and Ultos weapon base damage is full lightning.

OCD. :rofl:

Op, don’t listen to him. He’s a witch. Trying to discredit Luminari. Censure all the way, even with effective 3.7k oa. :wink:

Stormcaller is a consolation prize for lightning conjurers and elementalists so that they don’t cry they don’t have Censure. Stormcaller got a buff with that stun res but Wyrmscale boots made it quite meaningless for most builds.

Devils do benefit from that conversion somewhat on the elementalist and archon. It’s a good exclusive. But honestly I can’t recall a single build using it over Censure.

really? I dunno.

I feel like censure is only really good on melee specs, or if you can really get a butt tonne of points into it so its effective range is huge.

In naked crucible, if I do have enough OA, I much prefer to keep my distance from enemies, so SCP is nice

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Usually Censure >>> Stormcaller’s Pact, unless you play e.g. Raka’Jax or Sparkthrower Vindicator or maybe an electrocute caster with super high OA. Being ranged does make Censure worse and you can always use Horn of Gandalf for damage reduction. But even then it’s a close call and I haven’t tested it properly myself, so I can’t really judge this properly yet. It’s just only build where I can see a Vindicator maybe using Stormcaller’s over Censure.

Alright thanks for the responses. Ill stick with censure since everyone agrees it is better for melee which I am using.