Viper, resistance reduced

Can someone confirm that one needs weapon damage based attack for something like this to work? I would never have expected that to be the case but I tested against some fire-zombie in ultimate and it seems the creature are immune to my 100% fire Albrecht’s Aether Ray.

I’m currently using Mythical Essence of the Grim Dawn which has no conversion. If I swapped it for Conduit of Arcane Whispers with 24% weapon damage added to Albrecht’s Aether ray would it then enable the effect to work?

I’m also guessing Life Leech would then work with the 24% WD portion of the damage? What other effects do you know would then start working? I know Albrecht’s Aether Ray procs Insight (5% chance on attack) so such effects aren’t a problem.

Yes, you need weapon damage to apply Viper’s resistance reduction. With 24% weapon damage you would only be applying around 5% instead of the full 20%. You need 100% weapon damage to fully apply it.

Wow thank you!

edit: Would the soldier’s Charge at 450% ish weapon damage scale the resistance reduction above 20%?

It used to many years ago, but it was changed so that the scaling stops at 100% weapon damage.