Virtue's light Aegis feedback

I decided to update my Shieldbreaker with Virtue set utilizing Aegis of Menhir skill and give a feedback. I used Shieldbreaker class to have free use of Divine Mandate. Also taking black water cocktail gives me the opportunity to skip entirely devotions with flat RR. So I end up taking Aeon to have basically permanent Ascension.

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  • History of Virtue. In early FG days Virtue was top tier set giving you opportunity to beat buffless Crucible and to go in SR 80. Also you could of farmed Gladiator in 7-7.30 time with 3 buffs and 1 banner. Build have some weak spots like DA and energy regeneration, but it was really strong.

Nowadays build isn’t unkillable and offensively is below average. I can’t do consistently SR 75. Crucible is 9 minutes. As whole build takes multiple hits, at the same time end game content got harder.

  • Aegis as skill. In the beginning of FG era the two Aegis build were strong-both Virtue and Octavius were unbelievable. But they were nerfed,. The skill itself though also take some hits. So I haven’t ser Aegis build posted in a long long time. Aegis isn’t strong as fire, physical, acid or chaos. Basically it put you at disadvantage. Doing 80k with almost 2 seconds isn’t that special.

  • Virtue set. Excellent stats, CDR, mode to Ascension, physical resistance. But the set itself have no offensive focus elsewhere. You can’t become auto attacker or caster, since both cast and attack speed are low. You have also rare 5 pieces set, which blocks your other opportunities for skill modifiers. The flat damage is low also.

So your bread and butter offensively is Aegis. But sheet DPS after nerfs was decreased by slightly over 40%. Aegis right now can’t carry alone a build in today’s more difficult content. And if you slow your kill speed, you become exposed for more attacks by enemies.