Vit Conjurer Plague Doctor (Bloody Pox, Undying God, Revenant), Opinions please/Help


Okay so, the whole idea behind this build is sort of something that I randomly thought would be fun. The focus is on using Bloody Pox as a main source with constellation focus on Undying God and the much more improved Revenant. Would still more or less build like a standard Vit Conjurer but dump the points from Grasping/Entangling Vines, and CoF/Vuln to invest into Bloody Pox and its line. I understand most people wouldn’t use Bloody Pox and it’s line because of the more bleeding damage focus it tends to have but my train of thought is it scales with bleeding, vitality and poison damage so might as well use it in the build. Major item ideas would include things like Mark of the Apostate and the Fiend’s Resolve (though I know that wouldn’t be the most optimal due to it being Poison and Chaos bonuses instead of Poison Vitality) since Mark is a bonus to major skills of the build and Fiend’s Resolve for the bonus to Blood of Dreeg and Aspect of the Guardian for damage bonus as well as the ability to remove some points from Blood of Dreeg so that they can be spent to up Doom Bolt more or Solael’s Witchfire.

Reasoning and Theory:

With the way the normal Vit Conjurer build acts we already know is somewhat of a leech life caster. I intended to keep that aspect alive with keeping Devouring Swarm, Sigil, Windigo Totem and Blood Pact as maxed damage focus but with Bloody Pox thrown into the mix. Dropping CoF and Vuln I justify in my head with the fact that Devouring Swarm is going to be used a lot with it already reducing resistances (I know but CoF+Vuln would help more but they are a huge point sink). Bloody Pox and its line to me would fit the build theory since it scales with bleeding, vit and poison damage which are already given throughout the build such as Blood Pact giving Vit and Bleeding, Possession giving Poison and Vit, and Aspect of the Guardian for even more Vit and Poison damage on top of that.


The focus of Undying God is just a standard Vit damage increase while Revenant is a personal choice with the idea of just being fun/thematic (The victims of the plague you unleash upon the world rise up to do your bidding in unlife!). The constellation choices to grab these are more or less just standard fair but I am opting to grab Vampire Bats for the increase to Vit damage sure but also for the Bleeding damage on it to help make Bloody Pox a bit more worthwhile. (Notes to cover: Dryad is just for standard healing/reduction fair, and Healing Rain for getting rid of buffs on enemies as well as to slow them when it procs. With the last 2 points into Hourglass for the free 30 points to all 3 stats and then the giant Reduction to durations).


More or less just a thematic build I am working on/wanting to do all the way into Ultimate difficulty but would like to hear opinions and criticisms from people who probably have more experience with Bloody Pox in builds than I do as well as the Revenant constellation. Thank you all in advance :D!

Link to Grim Calc for the build Idea:

Id drop bloody pox and black death to onepointers, and your devotion setup make no sense at all.
Something like that may work. Adjust skillpoints to match gear, make sure you have at least 8 points in CoF.

I can see what you are doing with the points and Devotion changes, but curious as to why dropping Black Death to a one pointer? Just to have enough points for other places?

Black Death is a poison sinergy, since we dont focus on poison DoT, its a waste of points to level it. Confusion dosent work on boses, so its meaningless too.
BTW, with so much flat weapon dmg i would consider to go melee-hybrid route. For example drop sigil and bolt and max savagery instead.

I after the tests came to the same conclusion, the pox on 1-12-1 are optimal.

I’ve played a lot of bloody pox recently, 1/12/12. I find Black death important for duration increase.

I tried it a lot in many ways with dying god for full vitality damage with wasting at 22/12 and with mixing in poison/bleed having Abomination, manticore, wendigo, huntress,manticore, falcon. Performance is ok, not as good as I expected it to be. No mater how you build it transmuted DEE will allways do more DOT.

Built it with Poison -

Don’t really find Vitality route to be interesting enough

So more or less just have constellations aside from Undying God and Revenant be +Bleed n +Poison?

Yeah but going Poison makes wanting to use Revenant basically useless.

yes go abomination, manticore, rend if bleed+ poison