vitality and vitality decay

I got a witchhunter , and made decay ,vitality and frost damages (mark of wendigo in devotion and the libra constellation)

Undead seem highly resistant , im wondering if it worth it or instead of making a blademaster focusing on maul and physical stuff.

It’s almost impossible to make a vitality decay build just because there aren’t enough sources of it in the game.

A vitality witch hunter could work, although a conjurer is probably better for that. Resistance reduction from CoF/Vulnerability and Devouring Swarm (Shaman skill) will eliminate your problems with vitality-resistant enemies.

I guess, dual wielding WH?

Dw melee Vitality WH works just okay vs Undead and Cthonics, but only if you have enough RR sources. Fang of Ch’thon, Master’s Spellblade, Signet of the Fallen, etc.

I’d rather go the Chaos + Vitality Damage route to make best use of those weapon/gear combinations.

Here is a nice Chaos/Vit build.

Vitality Decay itself is pretty crappy to be honest.

I play nightblade and took the opportunity because there is now a damage modifier for decay .

I was wondering if it would be still relevant in ultimate.

Impressive thanx , it looks like decay will be more present in the expansion we’ll see .

Yeah, looks like it will be more present in the xpac. :slight_smile:

Chaos/Vit WHs can be a lot of fun! Thrasheur and I myself also have Chaos/Vit builds here in the forum. They are listed in the build compendium.

I hope there will be elric’s sword in the game it would be cool :slight_smile:

God, that’d be awesome. Stormbringer in GD. :slight_smile:

Did you know you can drop it in the first diablo? unik bastard sword .

I got it once and the french translation was hilarious:)

You sure about that? I only know about Doombringer. :smiley:

But back on topic: Don’t ditch your dw WH, it’s one of the most enjoyable dw classes, imo.

Yes it was playstation diablo version (french in my case).

And yes i won’t give up physical way may be stronger but occulstist is too cool.

Ah, okay. That makes sense.

Physical BM is not stronger. Rather go Pierce. And if you go Pierce BM, Shadow Strike BM is the way to go atm. Sadly, that is.

I don’t like shadow strike , i use it only on tough dude .It remindsds me of phantom strike in titan quest .Too cheesy.

I tested blood build with 1 axe(devotion axe bleed forget the name) and 1 sword + rend.

It was in my surprise really powerfull .

I saw this build on youtube , poison focused. Interesting stuff:

Me neither, but if you want a powerful and really quick farming char, SS builds are the way to go.

Bleeding builds work fairly well, yes (I’d rather go Trickster for these though). Acid/Poison is also really powerful with WHs (be it DEE caster or dw melee).

I just enjoy the dark theme and fluid gameplay of Chaos/Vit WHs over these. But that’s a personal taste I guess.