Vitality/chaos Caster question

Alright so I got my fill of melee and wanted to try something different so decided to make a vitality/chaos caster. So currently I’m torn between a warlock and a conjurer I kind of want to focus more on chaos with some vitality as well but yeah not sure which is better. I tried AAR a LONG time ago think during the last days of the early access on steam or the first days after it released can’t remember and had terrible luck with it but maybe its changed…I’ve played a few conjurer’s so know my way around those (love wendigo totem) but yeah which would be best for a caster with Chaos/Vitality?

Just switch the off-hand to Blood Orb of Chthon for Vitality/Chaos

Any questions you have regarding that specific build then i suggest posting them in that thread

Other queries you can post them here

Well as I said I was leaning more to warlock or conjurer all my attempts at a witch hunter have failed.

Well Chaos/Vitality Caster Conjurer i am not too sure

Warlock you have AAR

I recommend Witch Hunter

I just have little luck with witch hunter’s is why I’m reluctant I always spend more time healing with that breath technique than I do attacking.

Lol, well i guess i’d recommend Blood Orb Callidor’s Tempest Aether/Chaos Caster

If you want to be mostly chaos go warlock if you want to be mostly vitality go conjurer.
With certain gear choices you can convert damage to chaos.
I have a chaos/vitality warlock (1st build you see on my profile) it is quite gear dependant tho, as I get both sigil and destruction to 22/12

Correct me if i am wrong. But AAR doesn’t seem to be a very newbie friendly skill

Wouldn’t Chaos CT be better?

I don’t use AAR so not sure about the skill. I just use maxed out Sigil/Destruction w Devastation (convert 30% fire to chaos and 30% aether to chaos)

Blood Orb is OK as I have done aether/chaos callidors tempest. But OP was pretty adamant he wanted chaos/ vitality as his damage types :slight_smile:

Lol yeah

Oh saw you mention warlock and i assumed you meant AAR

Btw, speaking about your builds. I recall you removed Fire Strike from Corpse Explosion, did you manage to find some time test Beronath’s Fury?

Not yet as I’m not really playing game right now, messing around a little bit in crucible and that’s all. If I log on tonight I will give it a spin.

I’m open to using skills and converting them to chaos as well just would require gear I currently don’t have would mean the bloodorb which I don’t have but would be willing to consider it. Yeesh I don’t check my topic for a little bit and it gets active heh.