Vitality Decay Conversion HELP


I am currently trying to understand how the “Uroboruuk” Set conversion works.

I know that ex: Phys -> Vit also converts the internal trauma -> Vit Decay.


The Uro set converts Vit -> Aether, which has NO DoT counterpart, so do I lose 66% Vit Decay damage on lets say drain essence becaus of this conversion?

Please help, because if it does isnt the set bonus conversion a DPS loss?


The Uro set only converts Vit to Aether on Drain Essence and nothing else. Also, if it doesn’t have a DoT counterpart, it stays the same. Meaning the Vitality to Aether won’t touch Vitality Decay because Aether has no DoT counterpart.

Uroboruuk’s set seems exotic with Apostate and Spellbinder
Apostate has access to double Aether RR tho :wink:

Wow thx for the quick replies☺.

Glad to hear that I still keep the vit decay part.
As for Spellbinder I find that trough equip and devotions I have enough -% Resist still might check apostate though😊.


Here’s the Apostate version

Has several Aether RRs :wink:

This is Spellbinder version

Apostate has more Aether RR, more Aether Damage, but has no Mirror
Spellbinder has less Aether RR, but with Mirror + Mark of Torment we have 2 nice defensive skills

Mirror is “cast anywhere” skills, while Seal we need to stand in it’s radius
Mirror’s more handy than Inquisitor Seal :slight_smile:

Also we have access to Arcanist Super Nullification :smiley: