Vitality DW melee Reaper Theorycrafting

I am sure that this has been though of before, but I was looking at the Morgoneth set piece that dropped while playing my blademaster. And I thought to myself, how cool would a vitality DW melee be? Would it even work?

This is the Grimtools link that I built. If anyone has the requisite gear to test it or has baseline suggestions, let me know! I really want to see if I can get this idea off the ground, and am new to theorycrafting in general.

My thinking was to find many sources of “pierce converted to vitality,” stack vitality damage, and then try to even out on resists. As for resist reduction, the set has some that it onboards to Veil, you get some from devotions, and some from skills. It is all percentage based, and I couldn’t think of where to get flat RR for vitality. I think the hard part of this is that there isn’t really a dual wield item group particular to the standard “assassin with 2 swords” theme of the nightblade that works for vitality. A lot of itemization kind of puts you towards big hitting skills.

For all I know I missed a similar build concept somewhere else on the forum, but a hard search didn’t give me what I was looking for. Post your feedback if you have any. Really looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

You want shard of beronath and soul harvest for sure.

And getting stun resistance and higher armor abosorb, and attack speed :stuck_out_tongue:

and why you want veil of shadow on right mouse? more weapon damage for you and boosting some wps

devotions, you already have damage reduction from ill omen, no need of empyrion for that sake. flat resistance removal - revenant or scales

Updates: I left Ulvar1’s changes to skilling. For the record, I think I was tired and had meant to put shadow strike on RMB lol.

I dug into devotions, moved points across the board to fill niche resists and obtain both scales and rev for that sweet sweet resist reduction.

Damage reduction on ill omen sucks, but the morgoneth item skills are loaded with the damn thing. I swapped the boots for the same reason I moved devotions around; you lose damage with venomspines but you need the resists.

Anyone want to play around with augments or components or one of the gear slots I chose to help even out the resists? I usually shoot for a 25% overcap but I dont think I can hit it across the board without sacrificing damage.

Here a theorycraft I did a while ago, too piano for a melee so didn’t lean on it that much. AS is low, Morgo set sucks for an AA build.