Vitality DW melee Witch-hunter Looking for tips

This was my first character many years ago and with all the items/changes over the years I thought I’d mess about with it a bit, I’m fully aware this is a terrible build concept in todays game and it would be better if I did…literally anything else :smiley: but I’m kind of attached to the idea, in other words this is a for fun/flavour thing, I already have dozens of awesome crucible builds taken from all the amazing builders who post here, this is not and will likely never be, one of those builds. Nevertheless, I want to make it a bit better.

Ok with that out of the way a quick search on here seemed to indicate nobody has really done anything with this concept for a very long time…and with good reason, there are no good weapons for a build like this and not much in the way of item support, what we do have is a truck load of conversion. Apart from the non-convertibles every damage type these 2 classes support can now be converted mostly or entirely to vitality so that’s pretty much what I did in this first draft…

I want it to play like Belgo but with witchhunter…and vitality…and less damage lol. So no shadow strike focus or anything that steers too much away from the core concept of vitality melee WPS goodness but anything else goes, double rare MIs etc this build needs all the help it can get…

I put quick cut in there, is it still rubbish or is it better now? We can’t really convert the flat from shears so I dunno…

Devotions, probably going to need dying god to see anything approaching reasonable damage I presume or is there a better path?

The caster ring probably isn’t a great idea but it has conversion and I basically just tried to pick up as much flat as possible and convert it all…

Some chaos conversion is also possible but converting that cold/frostburn seemed better, is it?

Needs more RR and resist overcaps but they are higher in game than in the GT.

Any tips that can make this terrible idea from a time long forgotten slightly less terrible are much appreciated…and attack speed buffs for crimson spike/vitality melee weapons that are not terrible are also appreciated. hint hint :wink:

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I don’t see anything beating DG + Rattosh for vitality devotions, and in my opinion Ring of Steel is very worth it for the fumble. btw your wps pool exceeds 100% (106%), maybe you could scrap the least useful to focus more on the others

The only advice I could have would be to switch an Amarasta’s Flurry suffix for a Solael’s Malice, to get 22/12 Second Rite and fix the elemental overcaps ; and change the Basti ring for anything with RR, it would be more effective than the converted flat from Lethal Assault, you could also get some more OA or DA from this slot.

Anyway, great concept and execution :ok_hand:

Check this devo. It boosted DA by 155. Not to mention OP Life Leech from Scales. Survavibility goes through the roof.
OA, AS, Phys Res still good. Nice 25% Trap res from Lantern.
Now you can finally use augments for better overcaps not DA as it’s meant to be
(they’ve been using the 4th blessing Ulzuin’s Pact with like ~150 DA boost in Crucible anyway)

Also here’s an alternative with 5% more ADCtH from last Scales node if you don’t feel like losing it from Revenant:
(but I’ve just noticed you got an absurd amount of ADCtH already)

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What would you think about a Haunted Steel in the offhand? More flat damage and the Bloodthirster ability is really nice. You can still reach 100% wps without the Void.

They look nice I’ll give them a try, the RR from revenant isn’t very reliable so scales is probably much better.

Yeah I definitely considered Haunted Steel, the trouble is I’m desperate for attack speed and void is giving 4%.

I think it’s looking a bit better now
I could really use more CC resists and more aether resist so I can swap out the Irrah’s blood on the rings for Wraiths Scream though. The damage isn’t actually all that bad…this build is definitely in a better place than it’s been since pre-AoM.

That most likely does twice the damage of the memey DW Archon I’ve been playing. And it has insane lifesteal too. Granted yours has a lot of double rare MI’s and mine is all purple, but it’s still a crazy good build imo.

Changed chest and amulet to improve CC resists and overcaps, 1 pointed nightfall to improve aoe clear and generally tidied up point allocation. Damage is down slightly but seems worth it.