Vitality/Poison W/o pets

I recently got a dark ones set piece and really like the idea of a vitality/poison build but don’t really see much on the build compendium supporting that combination.

has anyone had any luck recently with such a build that doesn’t utilize pets?

Mad Lee Dark One’s Poison build

There’s this. (Heh, just to beat ML to it…plus it’s a good use of the set)

There’s also Sir Spanksalot’s DW Ravenous Earth Cabalist which focuses on those damage types to a large degree through it’s signature skill (Build: You could move some points around into transmuted DEE or Blight Fiend line if you want more poison.

Edit: Right, you said w/o pets, so Blight Fiend is out!

There’s a bloody pox/ravenous earth build with some minor poison damage on the side. Though It’s mostly focused on vitality