Vitality Primal Strike feedback

I would say that Rotgheist needs more steroids. I tried to build an acid part 3 times, works worse then Rimetongue :frowning_face:
Vitality part is kind a meh as well

Exact same results the two times I’ve been seduced by red primal strike. Second round pushed about 40% more damage (both conjurer version), but it doesn’t matter, you drop like a sack of potatoes the instant you can’t hit something and cant risk multiple nemesis encounters. And that’s with scales + a combo of bat or wendigo, and a healthy amount of adcth. Would also like to see some additional defense on the set, for whatever reason possession + all the life steal and a big health pool doesn’t cut it here

Caveat being I haven’t tried again in 1.1.8 where it should have even moar damage, but expecting it to still be a frustrating play.

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Only Warder works. And it works barely. I have seen your version on the forum posted somewhere with very high WD.

Stun resist and da would be welcome additions on the set bonus (especially stun resist) I actually have a strong working ritualist. ~5min crucible. I’m hoping to post it tomorrow night actually. There is a caveat that I don’t use the full set. There also is the ranged version I posted video of awhile back

Gameplay on this version is pretty clunky with savagery weaving though
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I have seen this build somewhere on the forum. You use savagery with the build in the video and defensively it doesn’t look that great. No damage absorption, weaker CC res. 5 min Crucible actually says nothing to me. People make glass canons for CR. I consider many of CR builds to be unplayble to me. And it works other way as well. My builds are unplayable for CR players.

For glassier CR builds you need more awareness and some tricks like standing in specific places. I think it can be frustrating but also very satisfying once you learn these. I haven’t which I consider to be my fault. I started testing builds in SR but moved to CR because I find it a more informative and less time consuming tool to compare builds than SR. It may be just a wrong impression because I don’t read your builds thoroughly but I feel like each of them has the same description like “This build does SR 65-66 relatively easily. It can even do SR 80 but it is slower” which means I cannot quickly compare them in any way whereas Crucible times at least give me some numerical info.

My feedback on Vitality PS is that it’s only my 3rd favorite color and I prefer yellow Physical and cyan Aether to red Vitality.

Yeah I write that but I usually write more as well. CR just says nothing to me. Even videos from it.

Same thing in SR. Aggro abuse anyone? People complain about cruci builds being glass cannons having incomplete defenses and not realize that a lot of those glass cannons clear SR 80 because clearing high SR efficiently is still a matter of choosing your enemies and being good at it.

inb4 guy tells us “I don’t aggro abuse lol” but pictures can’t tell you that


If it refers to me - I clearly state that I use it :slight_smile: I always play with camera pointed away from enemies. Getting gang banged is no fun.

Good, cause I can’t imagine anyone ever letting themselves get ganged up in those levels unless they’re playing retal. But then that just reinforces my point. SR exclusive builds are just another kind of cheese. Anyway I don’t really have anything to comment about the main topic so I should be out of here before granny medea moves this to another place.

It can also clear Sr 80 in about 5:30 with chunks + boss room

I also accidentally did crucible without scaled hide on my pants and only 33% stock acid resist after changing some things… I still cleared it.

Well I haven’t posted the build that can do this yet. I’m going to try to get it up today

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I couldn’t do that with that build. You have 14k life and no damage absorption on a vitality PS build.

OK, that makes sense :slight_smile:

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I’ll add my specific feedback for the full set here as well at some point today

Striving for complete set of defenses often makes your build fall short. Especially since every class has different defensive methods. Vitality Ritualist for sure won’t have any damage absorb unless you don’t want damage and vit PS is already problematic at that department. Better focus on what you have - lifesteal, damage reduction, and well damage itself. The best defense is a strong offense

Yes but vitality PS is so squishy that you need it all. That is why this thread exists.

That does not work here. Although I have to say that I played with Ritualist the least of the three class combos (and experimented with items more rather than used typical items). It certainly doesn’t work with Conjurer. And Conjurer can get both damage absorption and reduction + Scales + Wendigo (or Bat).

Ill copy my thoughts from my post
The rotgheist set itself just isn’t worth taking the full thing. The stats from the three/four pieces bonuses are easily beaten by other gear even if you didnt take the wildblood set. It really could use some CC resists somewhere and probably some DA as well. A stronger than full rotgheist vitality PS build can be built by taking a +1 amulet and a +1 belt. Personally I think a modifier that requires a melee weapon (like the 2h ranged bonuses on Harbinger set) to give primal strike extra radius similar to ultos should be added to the shoulder slot to prevent the passthrough ranged version from being totally crazy


To me, it’s striking that it’syour ranged PS build, not melee PS, taking the full set. It makes sense in the current context of available options, but yikes,

I like the idea of

though I don’t think a small offensive boost that can be shared by the ranged version would necessarily hurt (especially in the context of another pass-through ranged PS build with stellar results).

Something in the form of %weapon damage seems appropriate, since melee should get more mileage out of the boost.

In the end, I’d like to at least see set compatibility with a ranged pass-through weapon maintained, both to acknowledge the interesting mechanical phenomenon of ranged pass-through PS and, equally importantly, to allow players a legitimate shot at combining melee and ranged into a compelling weapon swap build.

(Ridiculous wishlist me says balance melee offence via your modifier idea, scrap %weapon damage, and toss in some type of +all skills to mastery support on Desolator because everyone likes +skills. In all seriousness, though, +all skills to Shaman support is a kind of formal acknowledgement of non aether/lightning pass-through PS.)

I don’t see anything crazy with that build. The melee one you have looks far superior.

I don’t either, and perhaps @Valinov can correct me if I’m wrong, but I read the phrase

to be an expression of concern over the potential runaway effects of a buff to the build in conjunction with pass-through shenanigans, which I think is legitimate. For me, this is an “if you buff offense, do it with care” situation.

EDIT: @Valinov, on an unrelated note, I just noticed that Mythical Ultos’ Stormseeker is compatible conversion-wise with the ranged version of your build, so as it stands, whatever the proposed melee weapon-only bonus is, it can be combined with the radial bonus from the Ultos weapon (not that this is necessarily a problem).

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