Vitality Totem build?

Hey guys,

Messing around with Theory crafting based on items I’ve found recently. A mate of mine is running a lightning Totem build and doing EXTREMELY well and I wanted to do something similar… But different.

What I accidentally did was theory craft something I have most of the items for that looks like it might be one hell of a tank considering the play style is to drop totems and just RR the enemy with Sigil and Devouring Swarm.

I’m gonna play around with him tonight, see how he do, but any comments or thoughts would be good :slight_smile:



You’ve wasted alot of your points here. Investing into Solaels witchfire and Second rite with no weapon damage attack? Overleveling vulerability and poession when you only have 3 poorly leveled totems for damage?

This build will probably be OK for pre-AoM campaign but i suggest you look up the pre-built vit conjurers to see how it is done. No sense trying to reinvent the wheel.

Solael’s Witchfire is not useful for casters outside of being a 1-point wonder to attach a devotion to because the attack speed and flat damage bonuses do nothing for casters.

if the build is supposed to be a totem based build, i’d use a groble sky effigy as offhand ( ).

it was kinda OP in the original version and got nerfed in the first update, but it’s probably still one of the best items for a storm totem build. lowered cooldown, an extra totem and 2 bonus skill ranks. and since it’s an MI, you can probably also farm one that has vitality damage random affixes.

also, i’d drop solales witchfire entirely (or lower it down to 1 point in the skill & modifer if you need the buff to bind a devotion) and put those points into sigil of consumption. fits nicely into that build.

I have a conjurer with light defender set to push storm totems.
Why are there no synergys to push it for vitality damage :frowning:

The groble sky effigy as offhand is very nice for this too :slight_smile:
But i like the -3 seconds cdr more than the new 1,5 seconds^^

I already made tread about vit ST problem You can read it and leave your suggestions.

Thanks for that.

yeah I read the above and agree… I think this build is not too well supported, might re-spec to a dual wield Vitality melee build with Mythical Direwolf Crest and see how that goes. Might even do what I currently do and use Scourge on primary attach… Although I think this is getting too similar to the Vitality Cabalist Melee build I saw the other day… I guess Devouring Swarm and CoF will Synergise well to RR but I wish there was a Savagery Vitality conversion item… Although I do have a Mythical Brutallax which could work to convert to Pierce…

Or I could find Korba’s hood and do a cold DW Savagery build since I have the chest and one of the axes.
I guess the bottom line is, everyone above is correct and this idea was silly until there is better item support.

A pierce/Cold based DW running converted Savagery would probably have better item support