Vitality Witch Hunter and skills questions.

I already have all the Demonslayer’s set and didn’t really know how to use it. But this build helped me te take my decision.

I will do my own Demonslayer build, focusing vitality/pierce/bleed damage (in that order of preference). I have few question as I start it :

  • Solael Witchfire : Is it worth it ? (I plan to use it for the vitality damage buff). A tied question is, does Second Rite worths the points, this time for the vitality flat damage bonus ?

  • Even if the set offer a +5 points in blade spirit, I’m not intending to build my demonslayer around pets… thus, I’m not going to invest in the skill, freeing me 22 points (the 10 points to go from level 40 to 50 and the 12 for the skill iitself).

  • Phantasmal Blade : being a vitality build, I don’t know if the transmogifier Frenetic Throw (-75% total damage, -50% weapon damage, 45% of the piercing damage become Vitality damage, no cooldown, -35% mana cost) is worth the cost.

  • Using bleed as a secondary damage, I intend to use Blood Pox (health reduction + bleed damage), with Wasting (add in vitality damage and more bleeding damage) and BLack Death (add in poison and more vitality/bleed damage). Is it interesting for such a build or does it cost too much ?

  • Should I invest in Anatomy of Murder ?

  • And, as for devotion, what are good vitality devotions ? and overall good devotions for a vitality/pierce/bleed build ?

Solael Witchfire will provide you with a 85% bonus to Vitality damage at level 12. Is it worth the investement ? It really depends on what other sources of %Vitality damage you already have (gear/devotion) and how much you manage to get of it. Let’s say your final build has arround 900% vitality damage bonus ; well 85 more or less isn’t going to change much DPS wise or in terms of clear speed.

About the flat damage : the value displayed is actually accurate IF you use auto-attacks (either ranged or melee) or auto-attack replacers (cadence/fire strike …) and IF your weapon attack hits for 100% of your weapon damage.
When it comes to Frentic Throw (let’s assume you have 16/16 Phanta Blades, so the skill is doing 75% weapon damage, minus 50% because you have the FT transmuter, so a final 25% weapon damage) the flat bonus to vitality damage displayed by Second Rite would have to be considered as divided by 4, for the bonus applied to Frentic Throw.

So then again, it really depends on how much %vitality damage you can get in the end.

Blade Spirit is not a pet, it doesn’t scale with pet bonus. It scales with your character’s stats. It mainly does pierce/bleeding damage with a bit of cold. If you have high amount of %pierce and %bleed damage bonuses, the blade spirit will perform better.
It’s up to you, but even with 1 single point, the skill is nice to have because it can be used as a devotion proc’er.
And of course, stats gained from filling up the mastery bar are nice to have.

The transmuter allows you to turn PB (from a CD “nuke” skill) into a spammable skill which becomes then your main attack (providing you have enough energy/energy regen to sustain the use of it)

I don’t have enough experience with that skill to make an educated advice on it. I guess it could work as a spell you cast when your non-frentic throw PB is in cooldown, but from what I could read about it, Bloody Pow can’t really have the role of a main source of damage.
Honnestly, I think you should better invest in Curse Of Frailty/Vulnerability (Obviously a must have)

The weapon for the Demon’s Slayer set is a gun, so you will need a bit of cunning to equip it, but you can easiliy manage to put 0 in cunning and get it from other sources (gear/devotion)
The bonus for bleeding damage seems to fit what you want to build, so why not.
The bonus damage to human will come in handy against Fabius/the Iron maiden Nemessis.

I hope it helped a bit.

Thanks for the tips.

To clarify, here is what the build I have in mind will look like, without any gear or devotion :

If you take into account the gear I have stashed, being the blademaster set, using a caster off-hand and ranged weapon (part of the demonslayer set), it should become something like this :

The gear I have stashed gives lots of +Vitality/vitality decay damage
Lots of +piercing damage
some +bleeding damage
a little bit of +life leech
(I can post the exact gear if asked)

For the devotion, I planed to go vitality/pierce/bleed.

Any suggestions ?
EDIT : Grimcalcs correction, totally forgot to include the Pneumatic Burst

I tried this, PB+SoC, focus on mostly vitality and chaos. Unlike you I went for 50/32 split, unlike your 40/40. I hadn’t taken SWF and Second Rite, went for Possession instead. Also I maxed Destruction, because my build’s focus was chaos and vitality, not just vitality. Also not sure if Blade Trap worth it. I understand that Demonslayer set improves it, but what’s the point if it doesn’t work against bosses, and this build doesn’t have issues with AoE anyway. Veil of Shadow looks more promising there.

I really enjoyed this playstyle, too bad my character returned his blood to Chthon, leaving only his ghastly visage. Got distracted for a second during the farm runs and the next moment occurs death by reflection :frowning:
Got a pair of Speaker for the Dead, so might try it again.