VitWard / LightWard

is it just my assumption created by the lack of knowledge or the Vit Warder is weaker than Lightning Warder in terms of dmg and dps but is more durable? (if both use totems of course) somehow i have a feeling that if you consider devotions and stuff like wind devil- the lightning one can easily out dmg the vitality one, but almost every vitality skill gives some hp back. so… is the LightWard deals more damage than the VitWard? :eek:

I don’t know of any vitality warders. Warder is already known for being a lower damage version of elementalist and then you want to go for vitality which itself is known as a slow clearing damage type?

A. don’t do warder to yourself
B. if you’re going to do warder vitality warder isn’t a thing, it’s one step off bleed sorcerer.

nobody told me that vitality is a “slow one”… i thought “hey, totems has the option to make vital dmg, and i have free -60% vit resist debuff” and the voices told me to go for it… :eek:

You have devouring swarm (which basically doesn’t do damage in ult) and vitality totems (which are mainly for AoE). Aside from that you’ve got little in the way of vitality damage because soldier is doing nothing for you on that front. Vitality builds (conjurer, cabalist) are already not turbo clear builds, cutting off half a build will leave you with something horribly gimped.

So… my options would be…:

  1. Thunder Smash meleer.

  2. Bleeder

  3. RefTaliater (Retaliation-Reflecter)

  4. Start over a new character? :undecided: :smiley:

1 2 and 4 are viable options. Don’t subject yourself to retal builds unless you have a few series you’d like to watch on netflix.

oh well… good thing i saved every “best” item i got with % phys or lightning dmg… the only cost is to reset skills :smiley: hate to let go of my +111% vit dagger…

it was a mistake :smiley: i was tired of devouring swarming and totems placing… but now im not even a tank :smiley: just some dude with fancy skills and oversized mace :smiley: