Voids Edge the real endgame

Its happened to me several times, on different characters, on different difficulties. Its just a hard area. Its specifically the area after the boss. Packs of Void taskmaster and void oppressor and the common rylok destroy me. Sometimes its just a regular mob. If its a star mob, even worse. I sure as hell do not want to fight Gravathul in there.

I had cruised through all of elite difficulty except voids edge… where I died half a dozen times. I went to ultimate and cruised through all the way to homestead, did SoT side room, died on the boss but I didnt have a freeze potion with me.

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I am sure as hell that I don’t want to fight Grava at all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But place it’s hell literally. In earlier difficulties you gain big experience though.

Outside of resistances I think your build should have form of sustain and a health buffer in order not to die. If you play something like caster without weapon damage might be difficult to not get bursted by these big Chtonics. Or try more healing devotions/health regeneration. Bat and form of circuit breaker or damage absorb may help you too.

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try raising your defenses and resistances, and run through the void mobs. skipping that area.

AoM content has bigger difficulty spike surprises compared to the main campaign. FG is slightly more tolerable.

It’s really far from the “real endgame” but I remember this area being pretty tough especially if you are running with an unoptimized/weak build.