Voidsoul consensus?

Is it better as deceiver or paladin currently? I’ll test the one that’s better, see how good it is, and then give more feedback for the set.


I personally think the full set it is only adequate for chaos FoI. However, Ya did a Aegis/FoI thing with this in this thread: Ya’s FoI/Aegis combo

Thank you. Deceiver would be something like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbk3BzZ
(friend’s build)

But that Paladin performance is exactly what I was after. Yay Voidsoul is fine enough now!

It’s mostly FoI. Aegis is more of an accessory. Btw, purifier should be good, too. RR, cast speed, and BwC allows for interesting devo setups (no need for Revenant).

In general Voidsoul is ok. Could use some generic buff like more da/oa. Most chaos things could, in fact.

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