Vortex of Souls

Does anyone have a build or at least a framework for a vortex of souls build? Can’t seem to find anything. Thanks!

VoS conjurer Falcon swoop was nerfed since then but the basic idea behind that build is still valid

how was it nerfed if you dont mind me asking?

The only nerf I remember Vortex of Souls getting was a drop in attack speed. From somewhere in the 20s to 8%. I’m not sure on any other changes it has received.

Falcon swoop used to have pretty high %weapon damage (60%? the number is probably in the guide 60%x5 = 300% weapon damage shotgun). It was reduced to current 20%, with more flat physical added instead.

I’ve played a few different builds centered around it and its always been an odd item. It obviously works best shooting into a crowd with abilities that have secondary effects. Primal Strike, Fire Strike, and ABB were the big ones pretty much in that order of usefulness. However none of them were aether damage based making capitalizing off the full weapon damage portion of it difficult since none of the classes having those skill support aether damage.

To some degree all the above still holds true but the expansion holds a couple of new wrinkles. While the Inquisitor’s weapon pool skills aren’t as reliable as a spammed skill and only one of the 3 really benefits from secondary ae effects, the Inquisitor at least has an aether debuf as part of its kit. Meanwhile the necro weapon pool skills lack ae components but it also has aether debuff and aether flat damage. Finally, while not spammable, Seal of the Void (http://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8907) does work with the Vortex, explosion included, and has the potential to do good things albeit on a cooldown.

I’m slowly leveling up a spellbinder with the intention of using the Seal of the Void option, supporting it with the clairvoyant set to convert some of that chaos to more aether, and stacking all the aether flat damage that the necro and arcanist have available. No idea if the experiment will be great or a dud just yet.