Wagon didn't work

I am testing 0.9.2 version and I am not sure if this is a bug, so I post it in General Discussion.
I already built wagon and clay mine, but my labors are gathering clay to storehouse instead of wagon. Does anyone have the same problem?

With the updates in v0.9.2 wagons will now do all hauling duties, not just from mines/pits. So, it is possible that your wagon is hauling other goods and that’s why they’re not getting to your clay pit. Check if the wagon shows as idle, or if it is already hauling something else. They’ll even move goods between stockyards/store houses/granaries/root cellars if you have min/max settings for storage.

I have also noticed that even when my wagons do get to mines, often a stream of labourers will run along ahead of it and pick up one ore at a time, so by the time the wagon gets there it winds up hauling only one ore. So labourers won’t just leave it and wait for a wagon to go get it.


In this case, my wagon just stays at base and waits for task. I refreshed a new one but it’s still the same. Then I built a short road that connected directly to the clay pit and problem was solved. I think the last version doesn’t have this issue.

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Is there a maximum distance for wagons to be called out? In 0.9.3 I am still facing lots of issues with workers hauling stuff themselves, while I have 10 or 20 wagons sitting and waiting for tasks.

I’m starting to place more wagons all across the map to experiment with this, but I am wondering if anyone else is aware of whether or not there is working radius for the wagons.