Walkthrough: Crate' Secret Quest

Here will be a link to the Secret Quest of Forgotten Gods.

I gonna make this thread so I only have to paste the Link for the guide later when I am allowed by the Devs.


Since it is pretty known by now, and even some spoils on the forum/discord

I have added my Google.docs Walkthrough for the secret quest on the First Post

How did you killed this boss, he has such huge damage, even tanky builds are dying from a big amount of this crates, is there any tactics how it can be killed, thanks.

Excellent guide Dikkie, thanks for posting it.

Is this the super rare find Zantai was saying during a previous stream the play testers couldn’t find? Or is that still unknown?

no, that one is still unknown

Can’t even reach the boss: them damned maggots are killing me :frowning:

Tried sprinting past them but no go :frowning:

Before, the highest dmg i had ever gotten was little over 11300. After facing them maggots, that climbed to … 29471 … WTH???

If them maggots are this hard, the boss …

Thanks for the way you did this, I’d heard of the quest here on the forums but didn’t want the entire thing spoiled for me… so I appreciate that first page was a bunch of hints and then I could stop reading once reached the spoilers warning.

Try not to aggro them with damage or debuffs until you find the one maggot.

For the life of me I can’t find the old thread on this that used to be in Gameplay Discussion or General (was it deleted?) so I’ll ask here:

Re: secret items in FG not necessarily related to the secret quest: Is there a shield with a sword skin somewhere like the Totally Normal Shield? I need to complete my left-handed self-insert fantasy over here.

And apologies if this is answered in the guide, I don’t want to look at it yet because I want to find as much as I can by myself first. I really just want a yes/no answer to my question right now basically.

totally normal shield is one-handed mace with shield skin. and just in case I read it wrong and you’re asking if there’s another one but reversed, I don’t think so :smiley:

you want to transmute it to like this?

ifso there is a common shield, which you can use at the illusionist:


Thanks for the guide! Still unable to kill him, though. From the screenshots in your guide I see you’ve killed him with a Warlord build and a lot of potions. Any other tips for beating him?

It will take a few tries because beating him is not intuitive compared to what GD has already trained you to do.

Try to minimize your AoE. If your build does tons of AoE you’re probably fucked. The less AoE the better because if you hit the crates that he spawns, they spawn more crates.

You have to practice:

  1. Being patient. When you aren’t doing dmg to him or his crates, no more crates are spawning. This is time to think and strategize based on how the fight is going.
  2. Learn his timing. He spawns crates on intervals. He uses his skills on intervals.
  3. Learn to make the most of the map. Practice kiting him and the crates around, practice alternating your defensive cooldowns. Learn to use them when you need to pass a horde of crates to lower the chance that their swarms of projectiles kill you.
  4. Use displacement teleport glyph. Trust me.

Good luck!

I Guess this is yet another super boss that I have to avoid as a fire strike purifier. :undecided:

Thanks a lot, very useful! I did try to take him on with an AoE character, so I’ll have to switch it up.

This could prove problematic though.

Basically what I wanted to do was have something with a weapon skin in my off-hand, but thinking about it some more all I really need to do for that is make a build that can dual wield.