Wandering - Unable to Work Builder - v0.8.0

I have a builder stuck in “building” stage that won’t revert back to a laborer when there is no building to do.

I tried to select her and redirect her to a new spot (left click) then cancel that (right click) and she stops and does absolutely nothing… just stands there waiting on another direction.

So I tried to build a road hoping that would trigger her to move. Nope. So I saved, exited, and reloaded game… on reload she immediately helps build the road. As soon as the road is built, however, she goes back into “Wandering - Unable to Work” (there is work for the laborers to do).

I tried to lower my builders to 0 and it won’t. It stops at one, and she’s the one.

I tried employing every one of my laborers in a job to get the laborers down to 0 so that I could try to employ her elsewhere and the normal prompt to select a worker won’t come up (it did earlier in the game).

Is this an occasional known issue?

I discovered the issue. A blueberry bush that I had chosen to move is growing in water and she was stuck on trying to fulfill a task she couldn’t complete. Once I removed the “build request” to move the blueberry bush she immediately reverted to laborer and started breaking rocks. Her punishment for standing around idle for several months!

Bushes growing in water unable to be harvested or moved is a known issue I believe?

The issue - a blueberry bush unable to be moved

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Yes, but should have been fixed in v0.7.6 far as I know, if not earlier.

In my current game right now I have five or six blueberries in the water and inaccessible.

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