Wanting to know best pyromancer build for dps

Wanting to know best pyromancer build for dps dual weild or 2h?

would like to know skill treee
components and augs

I have followed a guide but reading alot of comments it seems its not to good

(talking to you Mortalkombat)

please help me out

Sorry, but builds, described in this thread:
are the best DPS-wise you can do with Pyromancer. I found the best DPS with DW and Abominable Might proc. You may also try Harbinger set (2-h) with Abominable Might, it should work too, but i just dont have that set to test it.
All secrets were alreadt revealed to you, and build was somewhat nerfed in, so dont expect too much from it.

thanks for getting back to me

well i have the full harbringer set

do you recommend just following cryodarcys build?
some of his items dont seem to be best in slot?

I’m leveling a char in that way, but I think I will change some skills. That build has a lot of dps but lacks resistance reductions in my opinion. I’m still at level 35.

Some items seems bad but they let you use more procs with your autoattack and that’s very usefull.


Ah, the good old days where people bought games to play them.

Now it’s all “I demand you tell me the best build that does X and please hold my hand through levelling while you’re at it”. Seriously, is there any fun in that?
It probably made some sense back in D2 days, because you couldn’t respec out of anything, but today…

With Harbinger set AND Shadowflame Mantle (absolute BiS for Harbinger build), it’s worth a try. Try to adapt my build, not his - cause your build will be about chaos/fire damage and Abominable Might will be one of the key abilities.
Look for fire/chaos items - pure “fire” wont do so well.

Yes, that’s one of the weaknesses of the build. That’s why i recomend Harbinger/Exterminus - both provide so much needed resistance reduction. Solael’s Witchblade and Manticore constellations will be mandatory too (especially for 2-h).

Ulzuin’s Pyromancers are very good too. It always bothered me that fire strike has no pistol bonuses, so I just settled on full Ulzuins and it worked out pretty well.

i have actually had/played this game for a while.
i was just asking about the build, as every build for pyromancer people comment this and that isnt good. so i was just asking what is best, ive taken some advice from different people and kind of made my own any way

do you have a guide for your build?

I’ve posted my constellation and passives build in that thread i’ve mentioned earler. Just search for it a bit, dont be lazy. It’s for dual-wielding, though, so consider the following changes for 2-h:

  1. Take Kraken. It’s mandatory constellation for every 2-hander, probably.
  2. Take Manticore. You cant wear weapon with Plaguebearer’s prefix (cause you will use Harbinger), so you will need this constellation for its awesome proc.

lol i was searching trust me.
i found the devotion tree for the dual weild just cant find what skills you have done thats all

Ok, i will share my gear setup and build soon. Need some time to perform that.

thank you,. i think i will stay with dual pistols at this stage.

What would you say is the best dual pistol build currently? Sorc?

Pyromancer is the best. Though, Sorcerer isnt so bad either, but CoF is just too good for fire/lightning build (and even for chaos build it’s decent), and for chaos build, Occultist class offers much better bonuses.

Now, about my setup.
Weapon1 - Extreminus+Haunted Steel+Essence of Chton
Weapon2 - Plaguebearer’s Imperial Derringer of Alacrity+Haunted Steel+Essence of Chton
Head - Resistant (cold&lightning res) Imperial Coronet of Insight
Chest - Shroud of Illusion
Belt - Harmonious Imperial Belt of Shattered Reality
Legs - Ancient Exalted Chauses of Flesh Hulk
Ring1 - Lifegiver Signet
Ring2 - Staunching Cronley’s Signet of Alacrity
Amulet - Empowered Essence of Beronath
Medal - Pyroclasm Mark
Relic - Plunderer’s Talisman
Shoulders - ShadofFlame Mantle
Hands - Voidsteel Gauntlets


It was my first char, that reached 85 level, so dont wonder he uses so many rares. And uses pretty well, btw. There is a large room for improvement, though.

ok man thanks. i will try these skills
however, if you can could you please give me a list of what would be the best items? best in slot please

I’m not sure, actually - without testing in practice.

My shoulders are bis.