Warcraft III - ReF0R93D

Warcraft III - Reforged is another diablo immortal mess… with even more disastrous calamity… warcraft III classic is also destroyed by its release.


My Childhood RTS game… ruined. its memory forever stained by these ugly side of humanity.

all those precious memory of warcraft 3 campaign, screaming at arthas for going derpy and tossing away everything that cares for him to join the darkside just for vengeance… having a blast with AIs’ in skirmish, custom map and most of all DotA classic… i feel sick after seeing how blizzard handle its own precious child… major gaming community destroyed for corporate greed…

i think i’ll never touch the warcraft series again… at least for many, many years…


Its not really surprising really, I read reports from people who had tested the game while in beta, that the game was a mess. Seems Blizzard really screwed up hard. Shame also that the changes also effect the original game. I suspect they did it as a money grab and didn’t really spend a lot of money on it.

Besides, I still think the original still looks great. That there was no need to de a remaster in the first place. Now it seems that is more true then ever. screw you Blizzard.


This is BAD, if you have got WC3 classic, it downloads 30gig for the reforged files, so if you want to play the classic version, its no longer really possible using the Bnet account, as you need to use the new launcher. I still got WC3 on disk. So that is something, but 30gig is a lot for an old game. Really can’t believe how badly blizzard screwed this up.


You can download the classic version still, if you choose the PTR option, but no idea how long that will remain before blizzard removes it, so be quick if you want to download the old version before its gone for good.

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I think I’ll never touch an ActivisionBlizzard game ever again period.

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I feel the same, once upon a time, Blizzard games meant a long wait and quality at the end of it. Now, its not quality, but cheap cash grabs and poor decision making.

Blizzard are dead now in my book. I won’t be touching another Blizzard game, as they no longer seem to care about quality anymore.

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some people are saying these recent years, AAA game developers are conspiring in a bet/race to see who is able to ruin their own franchises in the most tragic way.
just think about it!
-Activizzard: Diablo Immoral, And this Forgey Forgery mess.
-Bethesda: Out from the Fallen, Falls out the dreaded number 76.
-ZoMBioware (its not the original Bioware anymore): ANThem of SUiCidaL Studios. Mass effect, Androgynising Androids with tired faces.

there are others out there, but these are the companies that stand out the most imo. Maybe… the companies are sick of being in vid game industry. and they want to convert their assets into other line of work, so they sabotage their own games so bad the games’ legacy are forever tainted.

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And don’t forget Blizzard is laying full claim to the copyrights for any map/mod you make for the game.

Here I was excited that this year is diablos 20th anniversary and maybe we’d get news on a remastered d2. Now I’m just scared. The videos I watched about reforged didn’t look too impressive but I have not played it.

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Blizzard have failed for sure, I wouldn’t trust them with anymore games. their reforged forums is a warzone no mistake. and no word from the devs. Right now, I will stick with the classic. The PTR version is still up, (and its patched to the last patch before the reforged patches become active and take.

Another thing, in the classic version, both games, use their own tech trees, but in reforged, the game uses the TFT trees, so if you play the RoC campaign, units will be using the TFT balancing. Not good really.

overall, I still don’t really think much of the updated graphics, 30gig for that is just pointless. Really not impressed. But sooner or later, they will drop the classic game from their servers, and only be reforged, and its annoying launcher,

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Found this from reading a post on Blizzard’s forums, someone from Lemon Sky Studios has spoken out on WC3, they are the company that Blizzard outsourced most of the art too. Clearly from some of the posts that this person/s has done, they too aren’t happy with what they have done. And blames Blizzard, as they had the final say so on the art direction and ultimately the quality control of the final work.

What is also worrying, they said, they been moved to other projects, so they won’t be fixing this, as Blizzard hasn’t said anything too them about making anymore changes.

So not only is WC3 is mess, but don’t expect the new graphics to change anytime soon, if ever. This and the new version is still overriding the classic version, So really, for SP, get the old version, and play that. as reforged is just a mess.

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ah. the classic tales of developer’s decision being overrided by publisher. resulting in the game’s production become messy or released prematurely.

warcraft III reforged’s many problems really shows there’s a dev-publisher conflict in its development. is blizzard’s lacking money so they have no choice but to release a clearly unfinished product? or is there a grave miscommunication between the brass and the developers?

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One things for sure: there’s probably no one gonna fix it like Wesp did with Bloodlines.

WTF, why should i want the new Graphics to change? It’s the major reason why i still will get Reforged…

if you run a side by side comparison, you can see that some of the animation isn’t as fluid or as good, especially the backgrounds. Grass and trees no where near as good as the classic versions.

What is more, the game is locked to 30 fps, so some of the units have really jerky movement.

But if your happy with the 30gig update, that is great. But to me, I don’t want to download 30gig for a game that suffers from many bugs and issues Also, there are bugs in the campaign too, so reforged is a mess.

Some point that PTR version will be removed, and if that happens, its going to add even greater insult to injury as people are refunding the game. (not all have been successful mind)

Buts its clear Reforged wasn’t ready, and has many technical issues, its whether Blizzard will acknowledge this and fix this? or will be dig a deeper hole and move on?


It gets worse

The game’s main menu is a web app runniing on chrome,

Plenty of people have been reporting the menu is so slow, here is why. goodness, is there no end to the issues with reforged?

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are they going to port warcraft 3 to consoles (rts on consoles…)? because borderlands 1 2 preseq is locked to 30 fps in the consoles last i remembered. just for comparison. because pc games that is ported to consoles sometimes need to lock the framerates so that the game is stable.

i think this is what lemon sky studios meant when they say they aren’t happy with blizzard’s decision. they probably haven’t got the opportunity to sync the new graphic smoothly with framerates before blizzard drop the damocles sword.

still, jerky movement from units in rts games aren’t a big deal. but that doesn’t redeem warcraft 3 - blacksmith forging with speech skills in my eyes.

As a “Console”-User / Player myself i feel the neccissity to “point” out, that Consoles also support 60fps. Many Games run with butter smooth 60FPS, and given the fact how “old” Warcraft 3 is, i can’t see how a Console shouldn’t be able to run it with 60FPS… more interesting in this regard would be how WC3 would work on Consoles thanks to the (Gamepad) Controls. Sure there are some few great RTS Games, namely Halo Wars, but this are mostly Games which are build with Gamepad on mind.

I’d rather argue, though not to 100% sure due i don’t know the technical details of Warcraft, it might have something to do with the WC3 Engine itself. Some Engines are build around certain FPS and that’s why they are locked (Halo had to deal with that for the PC Port as well, and even know have huge issues with that). It’s possible that WC3 Engines only supports (maybe also for compatibility reason) 30FPS animations, but due it’s age you don’t see them in for the Classic Graphics. Now with the modernized and more detailed Graphics / Models it’s a different thing and 30FPS might not do them justice.

If i need a side by side comparison, than the Animations and stuff can’t be “that” bad.
Also i’d argue that’s rather a opinion than a fact anyway. I watched some hours footage and for me the Graphics and Animations looks absolutely great… only some german voices in the campaign are a bit wonky.

First of all:

Minor nitpick: it‘s running on chromium (rendering engine), more precisely on electron, which uses chromium to render the application. Chromium is open source, Chrome is proprietary.

Even more precisely, Chromium isn’t the rendering engine, Blink is. Chromium is a fully fledged open source web browser that Chrome is built on top of.

You correctly mentioned that the UI is Electron, which is actually waaaay more common in gaming than people realise, and in some AAA games too. Your application hot path should never be in the UI unless you’re a terrible developer writing horribly inefficient UI code.

The real reason the menus are slow aren’t because of Electron, but because of bad application code. If you want to see how fast Electron can be, check out VS Code.

Side note: you can actually use Chromium instead of Chrome if you want to use a browser with less of the Google crap.


Secondly: So far it’s neither slower or faster to me, it’s rather the same.

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Meh, the tweet had a different point: blink seems to use up more resources than the game engine. So old potatoes that could handle the game engine just fine might struggle now. Everything else there was conjecture, just like me saying electron developers are more likely to be terrible programmers compared to others especially when they are so defensive about their javascript stack, fight me. :stuck_out_tongue:

About the game though, I don’t really care about the cutscenes and most of the stuff people are riled up about. Guess when I saw the 2018 reveal and those perfectly beautiful models with no character/art style whatsoever the nostalgia-hook didn’t last very long and blizzard certainly didn’t try and prolong/reignite it…

Guess the When it’s done™ no longer apply.

i haven’t considered engine as the source of the problem. thx for the insight.

the slow main menu problem can be solved with a very simple solution:
put an option to disable main menu animation, replacing it with black screen or some static artwork. that is. if blizzard has the sense to allow that minor option configuration.

i’m not a diablo 3 player, but from all diablo 3 let’s play i see, all the players’ gameplay have the enemy constantly flashing white whenever they’re damaged (its really annoying and hurt my eyes if they fight agains giant bosses like the butcher). that’s why i think diablo 3 doesn’t have option to disable those annoying flashes on the enemy, which is why i’m not sure blizzard will put the option to replace main menu animation with static artwork, if they don’t bother to provide players option to turn off the annoying flashes on enemy feature in diablo 3. i could be wrong though.

Well, Blizzard’s response is pretty much this: “Sorry if your high expectations (that we made) are getting in the way of enjoying the game”.

No actual apology, blame the player instead.