Warder 2 handed advices needed

Atm im thinking of this build:
Is good for ultimate?
Is there any changes i should do?
What devotions should i use?
Any advices for the build is welcomed… if u think u know a better warder build than this please show

Ps: just out of curiosity, is a dw warder more viable than a 2h one?

I’m doing a full 2h warder build right now but running full primal strike using it as my main attack. All I do is pop my totems and spam primal. I dunno what it’ll take endgame to be viable, but it absolutely destroys right now. Especially with the Windcallers axe, and all the extra lightning dmg and bleed dmg gear I have.

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I have a level 79 savagery focused warder, very similar to your build. I haven’t tried ultimate but I’m very close to moving on. On heroic, it’s very difficult for me to die. I can sit back and drink a beer and left click savagery. I occasionally have to drop wendigo totem.

Constellations I use: Dire bear (maul), Behemoth (Giant’s Blood), Charriot of the dead (wayward soul). vulture, hammer fox, turtle, eel. I’m going to respec my devotions soon but this has served me well.

Tooltip dps shows

  • 19k dps without buffs
  • 22k dps with field command
  • 28k dps with 8 stacks of savagery bonuses

This is with very healthy resistances, armor rating/absorption and not the best gear.

Get your hands on a Stonefist Rebuke. I think this is the best 2h you can find.

The only thing I would change about your build is suggest that you pick up Primal Bond or Oleron’s Rage instead of Stormcaller’s pact. If you’re geared for lightning damage, consider going for a primal strike build.

No idea about DW warder.

thx both for the advices.I dont have a specific kind of atack in mind, but atm savage looks much better than primal strike ,for me at least.Why do u suggest not to choose stormcaller pact?And witch of primal bond or oleron rage is better than stormcaller and why?Again thx both for the input

If you’re geared for physical damage both Primal Bond and Oleron’s Rage will do more to increase your DPS. Stormcaller’s Pact on the other hand increases lightning damage, and changes some of your physical damage to lightning. So if you’re geared for more lightning damage, it’s the better choice.

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I see…so in your opinion whant stat should i focus more to be good in ultimate? lightning or physical dmg?

For a Warder, I would NOT max Solider for Oleron’s Rage. Better to max Shaman and go for Primal Bond for physical damage. I did it and I regretted it :frowning:

Im playing a physical/bleed Warder with focus on Blade Arc atm and its really nice in Elite until now (finished act 1 yesterday). Lvl 54 right now with this Build and Devotions (+4 on Soldier Skills/ +1 to all Skills not included): http://grimcalc.com/build/lusjoc Maxing out Primal Bond next and in Devotion maxing Rhowans Scepter. (17kDPS with Blade Arc)
Its just jumping in with Blitz -> Blade Arc until everything is dead, pop totem when needed. This is really energy intensive, so you need some Energy Reg to make it work.

That really depends on your primary dmg source. (Primal Strike/Savagery, Blade Arc/Cadence), “both” ways are viable in ultimate.
Even a build with Shard of Beronath as main dmg source could be viable (Elemental/Lightning then).

I would like to use this thread to have some info;
I’m doing a physical damage-savagery main skill- warder build;
do you really think oleron is useless?
I thought OA is more important than any other statistic?
Is primal bond really better?
Do I have to restart?

want to know this too

Oleron gives you:

  • Flat Internal Trauma Damage (nice, but not really needed) for Blade Arc better (Laceration)
  • %Pierce Damage (you dont have pierce)
  • %Internal Trauma (its a dot but not your main damage) for Blade Arc better (Laceration)
  • %OA (really nice)
  • %Movement (sort of nice)

Primal Bond gives you:

  • % Dmg Absorption (really really nice)
  • %Physical (Main direct Damage source, Yay!)
  • %Bleeding Damage (Secondary Damage Source)
  • %Less Damage from Beasts (ok, nice to have but not really needed)
  • %Constitution (nice, but not needed as well)
  • Pet Buffs (not needed as well)

Overall Primal Spirit gives you way better Boni for Ultimate, from my point of view, the %Absorb and %Physical is just too good.

This might be going a bit tangential, but I’d like to make a 2H weapon fighter. I’m torn between Warden and Druid. On the surface, it looks like Druid trades off some survivability and physical damage for a significant boost to elemental damage. For those of you that have a played a lot longer than me (I’m at 1 week, so that’s pretty much everyone), what are other trade-offs between the two?

I maxed out Soldier and Shaman masteries (stupid I know, indecisive and I kind of want to test a primal strike build) which gives me the opportunity to test out both Primal Bond and Oleron’s Rage. I can max out primal bond but I took points out of brute force and storm touched to do it, which has the net effect of lowering my tooltip dps slightly.


Primal bond 12/12:
Slightly lower tooltip DPS
I noticed significant survivability increase vs Fabius on Ultimate. I could facetank him with 12/12 wendigo totem down.
Cool green aura on hands, woo.

Oleron’s rage 16/12:
I really enjoy the increased movement speed. As many nemesis runs as I’m doing now it just feels good to fly through the map.
The added OA is super nice. My tooltip DPS isn’t that much higher but with this on it feels like I smash through crowds much faster. Much more frequent crits and higher crit damage.
It looks like the Internal Trauma DoT from this skill is critting from 3K - 8K.
I have +4 to soldier skills and somehow +5 to oleron’s rage. So with 7 point investment, I get 16/12.
Can’t facetank Fabius. I have to be a little more careful.

For this character I will stick with Oleron’s Rage. I may re-roll a new warder to correct my mastery investment to go with Primal Bond.