Warder Build

Any good warder builds out there? Currently only have 1 Ultos’ piece and decent resistances but cant do much as far as dps.

Could you post a grimtools link to your build so we can troubleshoot it?

Gonna try to throw something in there.

How the hell do people level that class between the 40 (where Shaman can shine) to the 65 (where you can get the first real group of top gear that will skyrocket how effective you are till you wear your end-game stuff (68 or 75)). From 1-30 it was a walk in the park at 35 I took that 2 hand from Homestead and move thing to 50 but 50 to 57 has been painfull and I really wish I can get to 68 for the Bloodrager set.

Man I was able to get an Arcanist (pure) to 75 with OFF/TSS and the Greater Fireblast component skill but Soldier just seem a pain to level.

What are you using at the moment? Once you’re around that level as a Shaman it’s usually easiest to just switch to an auto-attack savagery build. Max Savagery, max Wendigo totem for sustain, do whatever you feel like with the rest of the points and gear effectively.

Soldier on the other hand tends to be boring but cadence only gets better and better as you can stack more attack speed and you shouldn’t have any survivability issues. Alternately, Blade Arc works just fine and I hear Forcewave isn’t too bad anymore either.

Any good warder builds out there? Currently only have 1 Ultos’ piece and decent resistances but cant do much as far as dps.

As for the OP, Warder has lots of options between Ultos Savagery/Primal Strike, Bloodrager Savagery/Blade Arc, Pure Physical Cadence or even something more left of field like 2H Vitality Forcewave. Take a look through the build compendium and play around with whatever works for you.

So you would be going toward a Savagery Shaman AA till I can get that Bloodrager set. Guess remaining point would go toward building that Blade Arc (so making it with like the 5seconds CD instead of the AA option)

Maybe you could be interested in something like that ?


Different than classic warder approach. But i think this would be better as a Druid offensively. Obviously some items are not BiS assumed you dont have a stash full of legendaries.

Umm, if it’s the Lightning route then Demolitionist > Arcanist for most cases

Also for Warder imo you should stick to Physical since it’s fairly easier to gear for. Lightning Warder is a little extra gear dependent

But well Stun Jacks isnt in the priority of the build, i theorycrafted and opted with Arcanist for Star Pact/CDR and class utilities.