Warder or Commando?

I’m still very new to the game, being level 35 and halfway through act 2 (i think). so far i’ve been loving the forcewave soldier, but i’m having trouble deciding which secondary spec i want to use.
I like playing characters with a good balance between offense and defense so i can clear mobs quickly without constantly worrying about my health. for perspective, my favorite ARPG builds so far are were the emberquake engineer in torchligh 2 and the leapquake barbarian in diablo 3 (in diablo 2 i disliked the concentrate and frenzy builds, the former due to it’s slow clearing speed and the latter due to it’s frailty)

i’d also like a build that doesn’t require too much gear farming, since my play time is somewhat limited. i refer to the warder and commando on the title since they were the ones which seemed more intuitive to me, but if any of other specializations is suited for my playstyle feel free to suggest them

PS: the endgame build doesnt have to focus on forcewave, i want something suitable for my playstyle

For physical Forcewave top three classes are Warlord,Death Knight and Witchblade.

Both Warder and Commando don’t have RR and they will more or less suck.

i don’t necessarily want an endgame build centered around forcewave; just one that suits my playstyle (should have made that clear on the original post)

Death Knight is the least gear dependable class.Please check the Forcewave DK by Stupid dragon.

Detailed beginner guides for Forcewave

¤¤¤ Forcewave Spammer Warlord ¤¤¤

¤¤¤ Forcewave Spammer Death Knight ¤¤¤

Both classes have other end-game options too.

Here is a Warder guide https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QNrY0PcSeLVkPpuMeAt4A2jHj1r3adsM/view

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From beginner perspective, what is great about Death Knight is the Krieg set :slight_smile:

I think the easiest endgame build to gear right now is Shattered Realm set + [insert your desired build]. I’m sure FW is possible, too.

One still need a build that can push SR high enough to drop that set

Sheesh… Details!

BTW it’s at that vendor now, isn’t it? Does it appear on normal?

Not sure, someone asked this like yesterday. But I think the answer was “nope only on Ultimate”

Btw how often Vanquisher drops?From my SoT and Grove runs,I am yet to see piece.But theoretical Templar should be relatively was to build.

Still Dark one or Krieg are easiest end game builds.

From my old thread where I asked this, someone said that Dammit said that it was 5%

And end-game is pretty wide definition.