Warder (Soldier/Shaman)

Grimtools https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPLnwXZ

[Military/Caster][] Warder (Soldier/Shaman)
Damage: Physics
Active Skills: Primitive Strike, Storm Totem, War Cry, Totem Wendigo
Passive Skills: Mogrodgen’s pact, Field Command, Rage of Orleon.
WPS Skills: Brute Force, Fighting Spirit, Will of Menhir

Video review of the work of the build in the crucible on 150-170 waves


video of the murder Rashalga Queen face tank


Basis build
The base of our build is of course Set Ulthos without an axe, which gives us pluses to our type of damage and points to the main attack skill - Primitive strike. The lightning damage we convention the Avenger Crusher and get a Physical primeval impact and physical elektrototems.

The mythic bracelets of the Lord of the Thunderstorm intensify the primitive strike
The mythical bots of storm titanium and the knee pads of the animal mane are also a primitive blow to the skill.
Avenger’s belt + Shaman’s skill and an additional bonus + 4% attack skill for two pieces of the Avenger’s set. Relic Doom +1 to the soldier.


Here everything is simple: go to Orleon, Harp - an additional attack and defense skill and resistance to slowing down.
Blade Assassin is a resistor to physical damage, hanging on the totem of the Wendigo.
Kraken - additional bonuses to two-handed weapons (damage and attack speed)
Two stars on the ghost and the Viper - absorbing the energy of enemy spells.
Gul - for survival
Orleon - the main constellation of the third type with profile damage. On it hangs a primitive blow. Since blind rage works during a critical attack, we from the Mythic Maltese Ulthos have a bonus to critical damage and our attack skill allows us to deal critical hits against enemies, and the mutator thunderbolt allows us to beat the primitive blow continuously. As a result we get a constantly working Blind Fury.

How build works

The main attacking skill is Primitive Strike, the Electrototem is an auxiliary. Battle Shout reduces the damage done by enemies on your carcass and furthermore acts as a resistor to physical damage. Totem Wendigo is our ohill.

With a protracted battle, the three-piece electrototemics help a lot with the crowd, and when you retreat for the recovery of health, they cripple the enemies while they are running after you, eventually, after restoring health, you easily beat the remains of the crowd, which clearly shows the video when the totems scored Nemesis of Alexander, while we cut the circles.
Our Primary Attack Primitive strike starts to hit for several purposes, for this we use the Swift Current, which additionally adds 44% weapon damage to our Primordial Strike, and the Storm Trouble adds flat damage and% to physical damage.

The brute force and rite of Mogrodgen in the branch of the shaman is + to our health, a little to the armor and a little% of physical damage.

In the soldier’s branch, Combat Spirit, Field Commander, Orleon’s Rage - this is an additional Attack Skill, attack speed and general damage.

Military hardening, Awarded soldiers, Battle baptism is our additional health, Good resistance to physical damage and a bonus to armor absorption.

Archangel2245, that build is not acceptable in it’s current form. Please read the guidelines in the opening post before posting any more builds here. If you want advice on a build please make a new thread in this section of the forum. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Damage: Physics
Active Skills: Primitive Strike, Electro Totems, Battle Scream, Totem Wendigo
Passive Skills: Mogrodgen Rite, Field Commander, Rage of Orleon, Aura of Censure, Ranged Expertise
WPS Skills: Brute Force, Combat Spirit, Will of Menhir
grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPLnwXZ

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Hi guys! I do not speak English, but I want to post an interesting build on the forum. Closes the crucible on the gladiator’s complexions of 170 waves. I do not know how to put it on the compendium, please help me. I will be very happy))

You know what archangel, given that you can’t speak english, I’ll do up the format for you this one time.

And this is an example of the format you need to use.

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EDIT: Also. How the fuck do you have this super warlock? Soldier + Shaman + Inquisitor skills with ranged expertise WHILE USING A MELEE WEAPON?

It seems I’m starting to understand how to put my guy on the forum. :smiley: As I understand it, I need to create a separate theme. With a description of my build and references to Grimtools and with the video how the build works. Describe what I use for skills and so on. Thank you very much for your help.:smiley:

I only have a soldier + a shaman. It beats with a clean physical primitive blow and physical totems. Here is a link to the video of his work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5CcOo7K158
grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPLnwXZ

No problem man.

You need to create a guide too. A simple GTlink and a youtube link is NOT enough. I will NOT submit your post till this has been done.

Also, please correct your 5-mastery-super-toon to the warder that it actually is. :smiley:

Warlock( soldier + shaman)- physical primeval impact and physical totems

Damage: Physics
Active Skills: Primitive Strike, Electro Totems, Battle Scream, Totem Wendigo
Passive Skills: Mogrodgen Rite, Field Commander, Rage of Orleon, Aura of Censure, Ranged Expertise
WPS Skills: Brute Force, Combat Spirit, Will of Menhir

^This says otherwise. You’ve got 5 classes packed into one toon.

EDIT: Meaning no offense, but I’m going to start ignoring you till you do up your guide, and fix all the mistakes in your submission. Read the OP. EVERYTHING is explained there.

I understood you. And I now laid out the links for clarity and representation of the build. After all, there was as yet no such addiction as physical totems and a physical primitive blow, and in working condition and without a profile set :D:D:D

It is a VERY interesting build. I’m looking forward to the submission, my friend.

Well done. :slight_smile:

originally wanted on the ethereal totems and ethereal primitive to make through the necromancer, but does not pull … you need a set :D:D:D

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