Warder Valuebuild(tm)

Introduction-y thing:

So, you’ve got your nicebuild™ with extra legendaries; now it’s time for Valuebuild™ with added Epics.

I usually don’t look at this sub-forum prefering to mess around until I find a build I enjoy. However, the other day I mosied on over to have a gander and noticed a post in a build thread that mentioned a lack of ‘non-legendary’ builds. I realised my Warder build is exactly this; an Ultimate viable (tanky enough that it should work in HC too) physical/(slight)bleed build. I only made it to be able to farm Ultimate easily for phat lewts for my other toons.

This build most certainly will not be for everyone as it can be slow to kill Nemeses (e.g. Fabius takes me 10-15 mins to kill, though he rarely gets me below 85% hp with procs). Though the highest crit I’ve had is 74,418 on Priest Zarthuzellan. The highest hit I’ve taken is only 5,773. Below are my skills (bear in my mind I have +mastery/skills) and devotions.


With devotions, celestial powers and skill procs I basically do not die. Ever (except once to Gastris the Foul and his damned stacking poison DoT’s and I wasn’t paying attention due to attempting to roll a smoke 1 handed).

I have 20,945 hp self-buffed and average around 900 hp/s (Prowess, Giant’s Blood and Earth Ward mainly. 300 hp/s base.), however, if I get crit that goes up to ~1,800 hp/s with a flat heal.

Resists are mostly maxed, with bleed being over maxed to 86%. Armour, before Golemborn proc, sits at 1,572 with 91% absorption.

Out of the three legendaries I am using, 2 of them are crafted; the Leviathan and Badge of Mastery (with +3 Counter Strike. Best roll out of 7 attempts). The remaining legendary is Golemborn Greaves.

The rest of my gear are epics (which aren’t even empowered), 3 Rares and a Transcendent (lvl 35) Relic so there’s is still an increase to be made in tankiness and damage.

Rings - Skinner’s Family Seal (Ultimate one) and Jewel of the Royal Crown.
Neck - Pendant of the Royal Crown.
Head - Elite Legion Headguard
Shoulders - Elite Legion Shoulders
Chest - Myrmidon Chestguard
Feet - Golemborn Greaves
Relic - Juggernaut
Medal - Badge of Mastery
Belt - Stoneskin Girdle
Legs - Legplates of Valor
Weapon - Leviathan

Not the most effective build, I know. However, for farming Ultimate this is an easy build to play, gear for and easily accessible for self-found players. Also, once I replace the epics with legendaries/empowered epics, it’ll get stronger.

Feel free to criticise/enjoy. Whatever floats your boat.

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Came expecting another Lance thread…

Build looks good, although do you really need 9 Primordial? I’d drop the Primordial crossroads and get the next star in Revenant.

Ah tits…thanks for reminding me. Meant to get that next Revenant point but I forgot and haven’t played much in the last 2 weeks. Damn you CS:GO…