Wardrobe for gear sets.

I’m fine with limited stash space, but I do think it would be quite nice to have some sort of wardrobe added to the game, where you can deposit items that are a part of a set, and it would save the item to it’s own separate tab. ONLY items that are part of a set would be able to go in.

That way over the course of many characters, you can eventually have all of the full sets in the game without having to have 26 mule characters worth of stash space locked up.

I do not like any kind of special storage space, be it for components or set items. This invariably boils down to ‘give me more space for items I care about’.

Just give us more universal space, so everyone can collect whatever they feel like.

That’s a rather obtuse and all sweeping way to look at it imo, but fair enough. This is probably something better taken care of by a player made mod, anyhow.