Warhammer Chaosbane was released

What type of game is Warhammer: Chaosbane?

Warhammer: Chaosbane is a topdown (isometric ARPG) set in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Universe. Take up arms as one of four classes and battle the forces of Chaos with up to four players (in local and online co-op).
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Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/774241/Warhammer_Chaosbane/

Right now, if you are thinking on buying it on PC, I would hold off for a bit.

The game has no real graphics options for starters,
the game is set to use the controller, K&M is basic to none existent at best. for example, if you use full screen, there is no mouse cursor. also seems that using the mouse to move around is annoying.

Also the save system could do with some work.

And loot seems basic at best.

Seems this is another warhammer failure. will wait for a sale, then decide to pick it up.

Reading the Steam reviews, I’m going to pass on this. Seems like an awful port, no graphics options, really? That’s beyond bad.

Still waiting for GW to license their stuff to a competent developer, their ARPGs are all poor quality.



Check out a devs response concerning the lack of graphics options! seriously, asking a reviewer on what kind of graphics options should be in the game? clearly not checked out other ARPGs at all, or PC games at all.

This is beyond a joke.

OH yes, seems that the game textures are quite blurly as well, and sees this can’t be fixed either. To me, the game seems to be a shambles of a game. let alone the port.


PC gamer review

which is about right really, so best advice, don’t bother to get it.

Guess they put up a large price tag is because of the WH license, but clearly, they just ran out of money and needed to rush it out to make the money back.

So yeah, save yourselves the trouble, and leave this alone.

Wasn’t this also the case with Inquisitor? Are GW doing a Paradox? :rolleyes:

I shared this channels thoughts on the beta and here’s his though on the release for anyone who is interested.


I’m a sucker for ARPGs and for anything related to Warhammer so I got pretty hyped when I heard about this game and bought it to get the beta access. Sadly, it was an awful experience and I got refunded an hour later. It feels like the bad port of a 7th gen console game.

Guess I’ll wait to play a good WHFB RPG…

Watched some streams. It didn’t have any impact sound or visual wise in the attacks. Felt really boring, slow and shallow.

I after Martyr I’m just not hopeful for a good Warhammer (40k) ARPG.

Mobile/Consoles are bad for the quality of games. And I’m getting more and more convinced of this as time goes on.