Warlock wasting build help

Hey all,

Dug around my bank and I have a load of Legendaries that are aimed at a Warlock type build, so I fired up Grim Calc to see if I could potentially build something on paper that looked adequate.

Has anyone tried a dot type build? I’m looking and it seems from Arcanist I can get away with Maivens and the other instant cast dmg absorb buff Mirror of Erocles?

From Conjurer I’m thinking of the following

Curse of Frailty as an opener
Sigil of consumption
Bloody pox line
Blood of Dreeg

Now is it worth taking Doom Bolt?

Is there any items I should look out for in the form of Rares to support this type of build ? Has anyone tried this type of build? I can imagine it’s going to be a fairly kite heavy type build but I’m ok with that, that just adds to the fun :slight_smile: although I’m sure it might suck on bosses lol.

With regard to Devotion, Wendigo looks promising, there is also another on the far left (can’t see it on my mobile lol) that also looked good, if anyone has suggestions I would be happy to hear them

If you max out Curse of Frailty then kiting becomes less of a problem. The -50% movement de-buff gives you ample time to deal with most mobs. Boss fights are a bit of a PITA simply because they can’t be slowed but on the upside the DOT’s will eat away at them while you run for your life. CoF does work on most heroes though unless they have the unstoppable trait.

I haven’t tried a DOT only build yet but I have a DEE warlock in progress and he rocks. He kills bosses really fast too so I’m guessing poison bypasses armor? Not sure though. :undecided:

Upto lvl16 now, yep still early days i know, but i can already see this build is going to be real hard work to get it to perform efficiently and without the risk of dying every pull hahah :slight_smile: