Warlord - Blade Arc vs Judgement for S&B Levelling (no Forcewave no EoR)

Hey all,

I’m levelling a Warlord alt after getting my main (Spellbinder) to 100 and getting some decent gear.

Reading up across various sites, it appears that the two ‘tried and tested’ levelling tools are Forcewave and Eye of Reckoning. However, those two play styles don’t really appeal to me.

I’ve been using Blade Arc with Laceration with some degree of success, but I’ve gotten to the point in Oathkeeper where I can take Judgement - and it looks like a more defensively oriented but still mostly Physical/Internal AoE damage source, trading off % weapon damage for uncapped AoE and reduced target DA.

Does anyone have any experience on Blade Arc vs Judgement on levelling and end game? All the comparisons I can find are between Blade Arc, Force Wave, Blitz and/or Vire’s Might.

You mean the transmuted ba with 5s downtime?

Yes :slight_smile:

Judgment is great for AoE clear but everything more durable than a white mob would refuse to die from it. It’s a skill worth picking up if you struggle with mob specifically. Comparing it to Blade Arc is pretty pointless tbh, because that’s like comparing Callidor’s Tempest to Olexra’s Flash Freeze.

As for the Arc I tried both spam and cooldown arcs briefly but wasn’t impressed to say the least. Spam arc is one of the worst levelling skills in the game, while cooldown arc is an ok skill for DoT-related playstyles, most notably bleed. But if it’s a DoT playstyle then you should get as many sources of DoT as possible and your question is pointless - you should get both. You should also get Presence of Virtue and either Oleron’s Rage or Divine Mandate for extra flat trauma to funnel through your %weapon damage on Blade Arc.

You’re basically building a Baldir/Targo set build btw.

For leveling I think blade arc is one of the most usefull skill in the game without transmuter. I have a warlord which I finished elite with, uses spam blade arc and judgment combo. This is an unbelievably good leveling and killing pack of monsters combo you can be sure. Judgment vacuums the most of the monsters and blade arc +(at full even more BA+ laceration) you hit twice and go your way, the ones who hasn’t died at first two hits mostly die later from bleeding and perhaps trauma. But of course you have a proper gear for bleed and trauma bonusses and go purely phsyical which are easy to obtain(Baldir’s set). So It’s better than EoR + Judgment while leveling. However for end game, spam blade arc is weak for powerful lone creatures like nemesisses. I haven’t got to go to the ultimate with that warlord yet so I’m can’t make precise comments but try that combo till the end of the elite atleast, it’s fun and easy.

Thanks all for the feedback :slight_smile:

By the way, assign your medal an teleport augment to produce a shadow strike effect so you can instant go among crowd push judgment and spam blade arc more easily. I use Blade Rift to reduce the areas defensive ability so I can crit more.

Doesn’t stack with Judgment’s DA reduction.

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lol I didn’t realize that, thank you informing me.