Warlord vs. Witchblade: dual-wield specs test (videos inside)

So some people just can’t grasp the relative strength of end-game builds. And I am okay with that. But I am not okay when someone doubts my own expertise on the matter.

So again, putting my money where my mouth is. I did extensive tests of two similiar specs: Warborn DW Warlord and Warborn DW Witchblade.

Warlord (WL)

Witchblade (WB)

- Why no Gladiator Distinction on WB?

  • Spec with Gladiator Distinction has just a bit more flat damage but overall loses a bit of armor and DA to Chains of Oleron spec as well as last point in Break Morale and got worse Fighting Spirit and Markovian Distinction procs (also had to take two points off Scars of Battle overcap with Gladiator). So I decided to choose a more well rounded spec since WB is very vulnerable compared to WL.



Mad Queen kill 9 seconds kill (9-10 on average)
Crucible run 1 - 7:35 minutes (my very first Crucible run with this spec)
Crucible run 2 - 7:11 minutes (got a better feel of it)
Crucible run 3 - 7:09 minutes (changed Sacred Plating in shoulders to Living Armor)

Mad Queen kill 1 - 11,5 seconds
Mad Queen kill 2 - 10 seconds (10-11 seconds on average)

Crucible run 1 - death at 160 (I might’ve misplayed it or got unlucky but nothing I could do once Grava spawned in upper-right corner)
Crucible run 2 - 8:02
Crucible run 3 - 8:15 (tried to push it and nearly died at 169-170).


Long story short, Warlord wins on all fronts. It does considerably more damage, it’s much tankier and it has higher quality of life because of one less button to press and “Seal on demand” in a form of Ascension. During three runs in Crucible I never felt I was any close to dying.
Witchblade on the other hand does comparable single target damage (just little less) but is much slower in Crucible environment and very very fragile. And QoL is very low, constantly casting CoF is annoying and interrupts your attacks (sometimes it doesn’t cast too) and exposes you, no seal of any kind, mana burns quicker despite Arcane Spark and cc-resists are worse.
So for dual-wielding specs there is absolutely zero reason not to pick Warlord over Witchblade. WL is superior on every front.
In SR the gap between two classes will be even bigger.

P.S. Please not that Crucible timers should be faster if played on a proper PC, mine is a bit slow especially when I am recording a video. So I think every melee spec should be ~30 seconds faster then I recorded.


I decided to play again especially after reading your Luminari Godkiller class/spec guide and was wondering how this toon/spec compares to that one? I’m practically a new player as the highest toon I have is lvl59 and then i quit for sometime. This game is pretty overwhelming but this community of players are loaded with info and always willing to help, reason I came back.

Thanks again.

Warborn Warlord is cheaper, easier to play and more accessible in general then Belgothian Infiltrator. If you want a very simple yet powerful melee build, I would go with Warlord. Also, don’t forget that those builds are 95% items, so unless you have those core items for those builds don’t expect to hit those builds’ performance benchmarks. In fact, if you are a begginer I recommend following a beginner guide that will let you farm enough gear to trade/make an end-game spec.

do you have a beginner guide for a new player? I try to follow the guides, but like the other guy mentioned my highest is only 48, and I have really no gear. I have mostly played in Grimmarillion games, but now enjoying the full game, I started with a Shammy, hes 32 right now in ACT 2 and 5, ACT is ezmode, but I get shredded in ACT 5 so far, I am playing as a primal strike build

Id love to find a quick moving farm to get thru the main game build

Plenty of good beginners guide on these forums. Easy to find too. I don’t do beginners guides, sorry.

Your Witchblade build is similar to what I tested pre FG.From 8 tries with it I completed 5 of them on average speed of 8.15.On DK it was 6 runs again on 5 completed and 1 death with average time of around 8.05.So DK is slightly better and safer and I am sure Warlord is a LOT better than both of them.

Now Shattered Realm :wink: