Warrant drop rate

Warrants should be a guaranteed drop from nemeses. The current drop rate seems to be about 20%, and on top of that some of the nemesis spawn points are a real pain and not worth checking (skeleton key dungeons, chthonic rifts). That reduces the effective farming rate to ~15% for Aetherials and ~10% for Chthonians. Not sure about undead - haven’t ground a character to nemesis with them yet. And of course the idea that nemeses even exist for Cronley and Kymon is a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have six other active characters who need warrants (else they too will have to painfully grind rep like I already did on my first character). That’s ~30 nemesis kills for each unlocked faction, from ~40 Valdaran hunts and ~60 Benn’Jhar hunts. And once I grind the rep to unlock Moosilauke, that’s another 30 nemesis kills to work on.

Guaranteed warrant drops would come closer to matching the faction mandate system, where reaching max rep allows all other characters to immediately acquire the bonus to rep gain.


The fact that you haven’t unlocked Moosilauke yet suggests me that you’re rushing through campaign or don’t have much play time. I casually met him when reached Steps of Torment on Ultimate. No need to grind rep to find him.
Meeting nemeses is not that rare and if they all dropped Warrants, you’d have too many to ever utilise.
I like some items being rare so that it feels special when they do drop.

I’ve been playing for about two years (intermittantly, of course). Base game only (well, plus Crucible, which is irrelevant for rep grinding); perhaps there are undead in Malmouth, because getting undead rep (or any other faction) to nemesis without grinding and without warrants is impossible in the base game. “Rushing through the campaign” - not really. I skip a few areas I dislike (Conflagration, Immolation) but otherwise do every quest, and try pretty hard to always have relevant bounties active for additional xp and rep.

Elapsed Time on my first character (and only one at 85 so far) is 5:3:38 if you think that’s important somehow.

If you don’t need warrants, you don’t have to pick them up. That’s not a valid argument against making them more common. Also, if warrants are somehow “special”, why aren’t mandates? You just buy those in a shop.

That’s false. I only had base game at that time and met Valdaran, Moosilauke and Benn’Jahr before completing Ultimate campaign and dungeons with my 1st character. Took almost 200 h if I remember right.

I’m trying to say if Crate makes Warrants guaranteed drops then we have 1 rare thing less to be excited about.

What on earth were you doing?! As I said, I have 123h on my main character, which includes quite a lot of dedicated rep-grinding after completing the campaign in Ultimate, and she still only has nemesis with two of the three attainable factions.

Looking at my highest level character who hasn’t completed Ultimate yet, he’s at 47h, level 75, heading to Blood Grove (and patiently waiting for a warrant). Without warrants, the three factions are all at least 6000 rep short of nemesis at the end of Ultimate.

I think we have different definitions of exciting drops. To me, warrants (and mandates) are quality-of-life improvements, which should be relatively straightforward to acquire once the first character has earned them by maxing the appropriate rep. When a warrant drops, I’m not excited, I just think “Finally! One more character ready to continue leveling.” A useful legendary or blueprint would be exciting.

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