Warthguard and Mythical cord of violent decay

the Warthguard’s skill,Malmouth Ingenuity,can be active without a gun.
And the Mythical cord of violent decay can only get in task reward,you can’t get it in SR、CR bonus.plz check the drop rate about Mythical cord of violent decay.

Thanks for the report, fixed in v1.1.9.6.

Mythical cord of violent decay’s drop rate is a long promblem from at least 1.1.6.X,you can only get it by save & load from task bonus,my friend who is a modder tell me the drop list has some problem.

So it’s not just me then? I also got that belt as a reward from Riggs for bringing the Iris, and that’s it. Been playing the game for ~3 years now.

I thought it was an ordinary legendary item that drops like others. Strange :thinking:. I have muiltiple belts in my stash, they dropped everywhere - from quests to totems. Not like broken Darkflame chest, yep :laughing:. I saw that item only after fixing.

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