Warzone balckscreen and kicking me out of the game

Help, I wanted to Play warzone but it kicks me out on fullscreen.
When i start the Game I get a blackscreen and it kcikcs me from the game i can go back with alt + tab but then the same thing happens. I tried many things but they don’t work. I can play it in windowed mode tho but my game crashes sometimes when i do it. I play on WQHD on mid to high settings and i had on fullscreen 100-150 fps. I have an i 9 9900kf 5,2 ghz, asrock z 370 taichi, samsung 970 evo plus m.2 ssd and a 1tb samsung 860 evo, 32 gb 3200mht corsair venegance, rx 5700xt, my watercooling is enermax aquafusion 360 and my temperatures are always stable from my cpu and gpu. I have a good pc and that’s why i am so frustrated about warzone i updated my drivers too. Every game works fine but Warzone is killing my nerves. I would appreciate every help. Thanks in advance.
(sry if i made any spelling or grammar mistakes english is not my first language)

Welcome to the forum - I think.

What do you mean by Warzone? Do you mean the Crucible add on for Grim Dawn or the Shattered Realm endless dungeon in the Forgotten Gods expansion? If neither of those I think you’re on the wrong forum.

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