was Menhir's Bulwark nerfed?

Oleron’s rage has +offense dmg etc, makes sense. Menhir’s Bulward REQUIRES A SHIELD yet has zero stats relevant to a shield, and ZERO defensive ability?

wtf? the only defensive stat on it is weak dmg absorb, and many of the exclusives already have that- and they don’t require a shield.

think maybe i’ll dump it from probably all my shield toons. was it nerfed?

-No it wasn’t nerfed

-Damage absorb isn’t a weak stat

-It gives you flat physical damage

-You already have DA in soldier in the form of direct physique scaling and flat DA from Field Command

-You have plenty of Shield stats from max level shield training, combine that Overguard

-You’d be a fool to drop it in physical S&B build

The only useless thing in that skill is resistance to life reduction

it grants bonus flat physical damage, which benefits most things shield users like.

Also, many shield builds actually try to manipulate their DA to only be enough to get hit at 90%, they are not trying to be unhittable, because then they don’t get to use their shield block/retaliation procs. To many of them, bonus DA would actually be a nerf.

The flat physical damage of Mehnrir Bulwark was slightly nerfed in a recent update.

Also, didn’t knew resistance to life reduction and large flat health regen aren’t defensive stats.

Last, it’s one of the major contributors to how powerful Shield Cadence builds. It makes them even more tanky and it gives large aumonts of physical damage on a build that uses a skill with really high weapon damage.

This one isn’t

The only dangerous enemy spell that uses this stat is Doom Bolt and you don’t get hit by one too often since the enemies using it cast it when you’re far away

Mad Queen life reduction retaliation spikes come to mind, which is probably one of the most dangerous moves in the game.

That’s life leech. And even with 80% Life leech resistance she can kill you with those spikes. That aura is dangerous cause of shotgun and nothing else.

Since when it’s life leech? I take considerable less damage from her retaliation spikes with my Witchblade than the other character i have that don’t use Menhrir Bulwark.

I’m pretty sure much her only life leech attack is when she puts the life leech dot on you with that red tornado attack.

I could be totally wrong here but I think both resistance to life reduction and life leech resistance resist life reduction, multiplicatively stacked. AFAIK Skeleton Warlocks’ Sigil of Consumption also has a life reduction component, as do certain attacks from bosses, heroes, and hulks.

It does 15% health reduction as well as vitality damage.

Are you sure about this? Life Reduction is a pretty OP stat and 15% health reduction per spike would mean instant death.

how does it make them more tanky than all the other exclusives that add a lot more +DAMAGE and the exact same amount of absorb? The health regen is largely irrelevant unless you’re stacking it.

i found capping LLR to fight mad queen doesn’t really do much. she still hits you just as stupidly hard, she just gets slightly less hp back. all of my “fun builds” that will absolutely R4PE all the other content (including crucible) still get stomped by her.

% based damage is an idiotic ability. and i’ve never even seen her drop anything. to farm her i need warder or poison and then she’s a joke, but not worth it and irritating how out of reach she is for most builds.

It’s based on the current health level. So infinite instances of <100% life reduction alone won’t kill you unless the damage were rounded up.

Who doesn’t stack health regen? It’s probably one of the most important stats for tank builds.

Also, flat damage is much better than %damage for builds who use skills with high weapon damage.