Was that really the end? (SPOILERS)

Hi all. I just beat the Loghorrean and apparently that was the end of the game. I was a little surprised at this, because while the Cult of C’thon was an interesting storyline, it didn’t seem to be the main storyline.

I was expecting to get back to the Aetherials after this, but the game just seems to have ended. It felt incomplete to me, and I know there hasn’t been any DLC to extend the story yet.

Did anyone else feel this way? Or did it seem right that the game should end after you stop the summoning? I mean, there’s still an otherworldly war going on, and Creed even seems to hint that this isn’t the end…but it is, isn’t it?

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No that is not the end of the game, that is the end of Act 4. More acts are being developed. There are a lot of things unsolved in the game

But I mean, is that all there is now? That was the game at release, and more than a year later?

There will be a expansion that will continue with the story. For more information regarding the expansion take a look at the Misadventures.

Yeah, I mean looks at WoW, it is more than 10 years old and more story arcs are still coming. It’s hard to make a complete game from the get-go

It’s still a better story than Diablo 3

That doesn’t seem like a relevant comparison, since they are totally different genres. Besides, is making a complete game with a full story arc all that much to ask these days?

Heh, I wouldn’t know. I refuse to play that game until it has an offline mode! :slight_smile:

It took a team ranging from a few people to the current 11 (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) 6+ years to make what we got now. And it even offers 30-40 hours of playtime for just the first difficulty.

I think I can forgive em waiting to round the story arc out with the expansion.

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Lose lose scenario. Either story is not finished but xpac provides resolution or story finishes and then xpac feels tacked on.

It doesn’t have to feel tacked on. Most expansions are just additional content anyway, or separate stories.

It seems like most people complain when a game isn’t finished upon release and rather relies on DLC to finish the story. In this case, it sounds like most of you are okay with that.

I do think the game is really good and well-designed, but I still would have preferred a complete narrative. I understand that it was a small team with a low budget, but still, all I can say is that it feels incomplete, and that usually isn’t considered a good thing by most people, at least from what I’ve read about pretty much any other game that has done something like this.

No, we complained heavily a long time ago, and have since gotten over it.

I’m not sure there’s going to be an “end of the story” in the way I’m guessing you are looking for. Your char isn’t some world saving hero and the battle between good/evil isn’t going to be all solved and the world saved by you…from what I remember of the early concepts :wink:

yep, this isn’t titan quest wherein your quest ends after you beat the gods and titans… here, there will always be room and area for the development of the story. they can always plant terrorists and villains whenever and however they want. that’s if Crate continues to expand and the public interest still lingers

Ah, that’s what I was curious about. I’m definitely late to the party, so I wondered if this was an issue way back then, or perhaps if there was more to the story that I hadn’t gotten to yet.

Hmm, that’s an interesting concept – an open-ended situation that you remain involved in over the course of various other storylines. Was that the original intent?

From what I remember…yes. You’ve never been the “classic” hero that rights all wrongs and still makes it home for tea and biscuits :smiley:

The Grim Dawn has happened and you’re living in the after effects, the war is too big to be a “resolved by one person” type thing

Well there’s still a lot of lore out there being developed.

As far as the base game goes, we fought against a lot of big bads and whupped their asses, but the main big bads are the Aetherials and Ch’thon. The Loghorrean is a great boss, fairly difficult and serves as a good game end boss, but the Aetherials are still out there, heavily entrenched in the capital so there’s a lot more to come.

Yup… I’ve noticed that most people who appear exceptionally upset about the abrupt ending look at the Cthonics as some minor part of the story and have trouble grasping why it ended on the note it did. Their role is almost as big in the current situation as the Aetherials.

While I agree that the end was too abrupt and can understand that it might set some people off I’ve more or less accepted it for what it is and look towards the expansion to pick up the pieces.

And if they want to leave it open for more expansions then so be it.

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This is true story is better than D3 even items are better than D3 and better item soketing of items than Path of Exile but not as good in max lvl 100 in expansion is still too low hope they make it atleast lvl 250 as max lvl as Fate series literally your max lvl is how many 9’s you can fit in your screen or until save crashes from too much lvl.