Watched a friend show off his monk in D3. nope

Firstly i love Blizzard’s art style, but i am sorry to see them follow the thread of hyper-seizure animation like many other games do. Diablo 3 doesn’t celebrate its own spell effects- it interrupts, cancels and smothers them in clouds of numbers and ultra-fast frame rate with choppy spaztastic animations.

Reminds me of back in the day when i used to troll arcades to pwn people on games like Marvel vs. Street fighter and Killer Instinct 2, it seemed each new game that came out was more about APM and less about SEEING what was happening on screen.

This is also true of Starcraft of course- if you get to WATCH what’s happening your apm is far too low. So anyway just wanted to give some kudos to my dear sweet Grim Dawn for not putting us through that; the game plays plenty fast but it’s not so fast that you can’t even tell what mobs you’re fighting.

D3 was fun i played all the way through once, including RoS, but all that art is wasted on frenetic animations that get covered up by all the blitzy glitzy spell effects and animations. I mean my friend even tried to show me the barbarian boulder throw and how AMAZING it is… yeah he had to throw about 30 before i even caught a glimpse of the boulder itself lol.

So anyway, cheers and that’s my 2 cent on D3 vs. Grim Dawn.

Enemies felt same-y and “trash” mobs weren’t threatening at all in Diablo 3. I still like the game, though and go a month or so playing it every day every few months.