Water Ignored in favor of wells

I’ve noticed that villagers will prefer to only get water from wells even if a lake is very close by. What’s odd is I do see villagers eventually get water from the lake but why would they wait? I would think that one of the benefits of building close to a water source would be the ability to use that water source. Is this intended behavior?

Water from lakes could be contaminated and cause illness and disease so yes, I think it’s intended that they would prefer wells.

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But doesn’t it make since to use river or lake water for things like tannery or making paper. I will build those next to a water supply and in no time ill get the out of water icon above the building.


A paper manufacturing plant is usually placed near a river source due to usage in making paper. It also makes sense but we also do not have a river and bridge system so this would result in polluted lake sources.

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